BrokerFish is an online marketplace where people can access decision support and purchase a healthcare policy offered by multiple carriers. BrokerFish a licensed and regulated offshore international insurance broker who provide independent qualified advice and member support during the policy year, see our Why BrokerFish page for more information.

We currently have member service centres in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia only. Our head office is located in Labuan, F.T. Malaysia, and our non-admitted policy sales are transacted in Labuan Malaysia, where we are licensed and regulated.

No. Your cover is with the Insurer and payment is made to them.

The annual deductible is the total value that your eligible claims must reach each membership year before the insurer will start to pay any benefit. Once your annual deductible is reached, the insurer will pay all eligible claims in full, up to the benefit limits of your plan. If your insurer provides an Excess instead of a Deductible, this operates in a similar way although is applied per health condition during the policy year.

International health insurance premiums can usually be paid for on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis. The lower the payment frequency, the lower your premium costs will be.

International health insurance plans are open to expatriates of all nationalities. They are designed for those living overseas. Some Insurers do have age restrictions depending on the particular plan in question of around 74 years old but there are providers that will insure people as old as 120! That said, each insurer has different eligibility criteria. Please ensure you read the insurer’s policy documentation relating to this topic before applying.

In-patient cover includes expenses incurred when you are required to be admitted to hospital for treatment. In-patient benefits include things like hospital accommodation, anaesthesia and theatre charges, surgical fees, surgical appliances, prostheses and diagnostic tests. Listed in the table of benefits are details of the specific inpatient benefits that are available to subscribers.

Out-patient coverage is treatment provided in the practice or surgery of a health practitioner, therapist or specialist that does not require the patient to be admitted to hospital.

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