Product Description

GlobalFusion is a flexible, long-term, annually renewable, international medical insurance plan designed for people living or working abroad. It is versatile and can be tailored by you from a wide range of flexible options so you can easily design the coverage package that you need. The plan is available worldwide and features comprehensive international coverages suitable for individuals and families, fully portable 24 hour cover. GlobalFusion provides the choice to select from: Silver, Gold, Gold Plus and Platinum coverage options to accommodate a wide range of budgets and profiles. In addition, you can customise the length and area of cover with the choice to select from multiple annual excesses and premium payment instalment options. Flexible underwriting options are also available to help extend cover to people with more complex medical histories. All GlobalFusion members receive access to a wide range of services: access to extensive global provider networks, access to IMG’s in-house medical team which assists clients in coordinating their medical care including medical emergencies and the ‘Medical Concierge’ program. If you elect to include USA coverage, you will benefit from availing of IMG’s ‘USA Medical Concierge’ program. This service advices and informs you when navigating the complexities of the USA healthcare system. When you are seeking treatment, it provides personalised services by giving critical and comparative information on provider quality ratings, treatment outcome and the cost of care prior to receiving treatment within the area where you are located. This unique service helps members maximise the effectiveness of their medical care. Optional add-on coverages available: Global Personal Accident Plan, Hospital Income Plan, Maternity, Terrorism, and Sports; Single annual excess, which is easy for clients to understand and to administer; The ‘Gold’ sub-plan is competitively priced and ideally suited for short to mid-term (1-3 years) expatriates; Freedom to choose any provider within the area of cover, including home country cover; Access to two extensive provider networks; In-house medical professionals to coordinate clients’ care, including 24 hour emergencies and evacuations; In-house multilingual customer service and international claims administrators; Access to an online customer service portal that allows members to obtain documents, view the status of claims, commence pre-certification and obtain details on over 17,000 hospitals, clinics and medical providers worldwide.