If you are a professional expatriate, you may have already built a financial plan, with a 401K or other retirement accounts and maybe even life insurance. However, have you taken into account what would happen if you were disabled and unable to work as a result of either illness or injury?

One in four of today’s professional expatriates will become disabled before reaching age 67, according to the U.S. Social Security Administration (Fact Sheet, February 2013). Additionally, 69% of the private sector workforce has no long-term or permanent disability insurance. A standard, employer provided disability policy may not provide sufficient benefits to meet your financial needs.

Obtaining additional disability insurance allows individuals and their families to maintain their standard of living if an injury or illness causes a significant work interruption. How much would disablement really cost? A 30-year-old, earning USD 50,000 a year, would lose USD 2.1 million in unearned wages over a 35-year period with a total disablement.

Clements offers high-limit disability insurance for professionals to cover the loss of income in the event of disablement. There are two types of disability insurance available: Temporary and Permanent. As an added benefit, income from disability insurance is tax-free.

Policies at other carriers may restrict certain occupations or exclude high-risk locations. Clements’ International High-Limit Temporary and Permanent Disability Insurance provide the right protection for individuals around the world, ensuring that standards of living can be maintained.