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Product Description

The "Evolution Health" range is lifetime renewable and consists of the following sub-products: Standard, Standard Plus, Comprehensive, Premium and Elite which increase in levels of care and benefits limits that they provide. Amongst other things, the highly price competitive Standard policy covers you for in-patient / hospitalisation, diagnostic tests and physiotherapy up to a reasonable overall maximum limit of $0.5 million. Similar to Standard, Standard Plus adds additional in-patient treatment for psychiatric and home nursing in addition to basic out-patient care. The remaining three sub-policies extend from there with the Elite product providing cover up to a maximum of $2 million.

Flexible Choices Asia

Product Description

Introducing Morgan Price Flexible Choices Asia - Your Comprehensive Health Insurance Solution Are you seeking a health insurance plan that adapts to your unique needs while providing global coverage? Look no further! Morgan Price introduces Flexible Choices Asia, a revolutionary health insurance plan designed to offer you and your family the flexibility and care you deserve. Key Features at a Glance: Comprehensive Coverage: Tailor your health insurance to suit your requirements with a range of benefits. Maximum Sum Insured: Choose from $250,000 or $500,000, ensuring robust coverage for your peace of mind. The Core - Your Foundation for Health Security: In-patient Treatment: The Core offers a solid foundation, covering essential in-patient treatment. Optional Modules: Customize your plan by adding optional modules, ensuring you get the coverage you need. Tailored Modules for Your Needs: Day-patient Treatment: Enhance your coverage with day-patient treatment benefits, providing flexibility in your healthcare choices. Out-patient Module 1: Cover everyday treatment with an annual limit of $2,500, offering flexibility and choice in healthcare providers. Out-patient Module 2: Opt for enhanced coverage, including routine and major dental treatment, with an annual limit of $6,000. Dental Module: Cover Routine and Major Dental treatment to maintain your oral health. Maternity Module: Ensure comprehensive coverage for Routine Pregnancy & Childbirth, Complications, and Premature Baby costs. Global Choices Asia - Three Regions, One Plan: Coverage Options: Tailor your coverage to your geographical area with three regions to choose from. Emergency Out of Area Treatment: Be covered with $100,000 for 30 days for short-term emergency medical conditions while traveling outside your chosen area. Who Can Apply? Eligibility: Residents of select Southeast Asian countries aged 18-55 years. Dependent Coverage: Add legal spouses or partners, dependent children up to age 25, and newborns within 14 days of birth. Customization and Affordability: Premium Management: Optimize your premium with choices like removing outpatient co-insurance and applying an annual excess. Payment Flexibility: Choose annual bank transfer or credit/debit card payments with monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual installment options. Your Queries Answered: Renewal and Changes: Make changes at the annual renewal date, and relocate coverage if your country of residence changes. Claims Process: Smooth and hassle-free claims process, ensuring you get the support you need. Don't compromise on your health and well-being. Choose Morgan Price Flexible Choices Asia today - where flexibility meets comprehensive coverage for you and your loved ones. Apply now or contact us at [email protected]