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    Secure Comprehensive Group Health Insurance for Your Crew and Seafarers with!

    Health insurance is an essential benefit for seafarers and crew who often work overseas and need access to medical care in different countries. Providing comprehensive health insurance coverage can help companies attract and retain quality talent while providing financial stability for their crew and their families. At BrokerFish, we specialize in helping companies compare the best international health insurance plans for their crew and seafarers, with our team having a deep understanding of their needs.

    The Importance of Group Health Insurance for Seafarers and Crew

    Seafarers and crew face unique challenges when it comes to their health. Working on ships and traveling across different countries means they need access to medical care in different locations. Group health insurance helps provide financial stability for their crew and their families, who may face unexpected and high medical costs due to accidents or illness. By offering comprehensive health insurance coverage, companies can attract and retain quality talent, which can improve their talent acquisition and retention rates.

    Furthermore, seafarers and crew undergo regular health screenings and need valid health certificates to work on ships. As a result, they are generally a healthy and low-risk group, which can make it easier for insurers with experience in the industry to offer competitive premiums.

    Features of Group Crew and Seafarer Health Insurance Plans

    At BrokerFish, we offer, among other solutions, a customized health insurance plan designed specifically for seafarers and crew. Our plan offers comprehensive inpatient and outpatient coverage, with three options for geographical coverage: worldwide, worldwide excluding the US, or worldwide with emergency coverage only in the US. Seafarers and crew have the freedom to choose their hospitals within the selected area of coverage, and the insurer will often arrange for inpatient direct billing to make the process easier.

    Our health insurance plans covers pre-existing health conditions and offers cashless hospitalization around the world. They also provides coverage for non-medical costs such as ambulance or evacuation expenses. Additionally, there is an option to add coverage for annual health checks, dental treatment, and optical.

    Choosing the Best Health Insurance Options for Your Crew and Seafarers

    At BrokerFish, we understand the importance of group international health insurance for seafarers and crew. Our expert team can help you compare a wide range of insurance plans to find the best one for your company and budget, taking into account the needs of your crew. Our process is designed to make the challenge of choosing a policy simple and convenient.

    Our team has a deep understanding of the maritime industry and the importance of good health for seafarers and crew. We have been appointed as the exclusive distributor of a customized health insurance plan specifically designed for seafarers and crew, which is provided by one of the largest insurers in the world, with a strong network of local partners and support services.


    As a company, investing in the health and wellbeing of your crew and seafarers is vital. Providing comprehensive health insurance coverage is a critical step in ensuring their safety and wellbeing while also ensuring financial stability for your company. At BrokerFish, we are dedicated to helping companies find the best health insurance options for their crew and seafarers. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your company maintain a healthy and productive workforce.

    Underwriting options

    There is a wide range of underwriting options available and a few of those are:

    Fully underwritten:
    This means that the insurer will review the applicant’s medical history and other information, such as their age and occupation, before deciding whether to offer coverage and at what price. The applicant may, although very seldom, be required to undergo a medical examination or provide additional information, such as medical records.

    A moratorium is a temporary delay in the underwriting process. It is often used when an applicant has a medical condition that requires further evaluation or when the applicant has recently had a major change in their health, such as surgery. Coverage may be offered with a moratorium on certain conditions or treatments related to the applicant’s medical history.

    Conditional underwriting:
    This means that the insurer will offer coverage with certain conditions or exclusions. For example, an applicant with a pre-existing medical condition may be offered coverage with an exclusion for that condition, or a higher premium may be charged to cover the added risk.

    CPME – Continued personal medical exclusions: This underwriting means your insurer won’t reassess your medical history from scratch. Instead, you’ll be able to retain the same level of cover you had on your old policy with your previous provider. This is mostly used for personal policies but can be used to keep premium lower for a small group policy were a number of persons creates a group. CPME underwriting is particularly important for those who’ve had medical conditions treated under their old plan because the new insurer won’t add any new exclusions based on those conditions.

    MHD – Medical History Disregarded:
    It is a type of underwriting that does not consider the applicant’s medical history when deciding whether to offer coverage or at what price. For smaller groups the insurer would usually ask the group to declare if any known medical history exist or if there are any known planned treatments for any of the people joining a group. Larger groups would not be asked this question and typically only apply to small groups.