Emergency Contact Cards

Emergency Contact Numbers for 43 Countries | Wallet and Fridge Cards

Contact Numbers for 43 countries in case of Emergency

If you are traveling or living abroad, do you know who to call in an emergency situations for a fire, the police or an ambulance? The emergency contact numbers you are familiar with may not apply in your new country or residence, or where you are travelling to, so it is important you note these to be prepared for an eventuality. provides you a list of emergency contact numbers for 43 countries in the form of wallet cards and fridge cards.

While it is great to have all emergency number in your mobile device it is great to have a card in your wallet and/or on your fridge. In situations of distress and emergency you may loose your phone or not be able to locate it. With the numbers on a paper you may ask a family member, neighbor or random fellow human being to use their phone. 

Wallet Cards - 43 Country Emergency Contact Numbers

We have prepared wallet cards for you to carry with you at all times. Do you really need a wallet card this day and age when everything is available on your smartphone? In case of an emergency and during high stress it may be advisable to carry the card with you as it gives very fast access to the number you need without having to struggle with searching for the correct number and what if your connection is weak?

Fridge Cards - 43 Country Emergency Contact Numbers

We have also prepared fridge cards that you can print and put up in your kitchen on your fridge or any location you see fit. Why should you put up this card? Logic is the same as above and as with insurance, we hope you will never have to make use of the cards but it is always better to be prepared.

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