Acting or traveling against medical advice/failing to seek advice

Medical insurance companies typically do not cover treatment required as a result of an individual failing to seek or follow medical advice, or as a result of travelling against medical advice. This means that if an individual does not follow the advice of a medical professional and as a result, requires medical treatment, the costs of that treatment may not be covered by their insurance policy.

For example, if a doctor advises an individual not to fly due to a severe sinus infection and the individual chooses to fly anyway, leading to expensive hospital admissions, the costs of the hospitalization may be excluded from coverage because the individual acted against medical advice.

It’s important to understand that medical insurance companies have a duty to their clients and policyholders to ensure that their policies are used for the intended purpose and that the policyholder is not engaging in any behaviour that may lead to unnecessary costs.

It’s essential for individuals to consult with their healthcare providers and insurance providers to fully understand the terms and conditions of their insurance policies and what treatments, tests, and procedures are covered, and what procedures need to be followed to ensure proper coverage.