Developmental Delay

This exclusion on a medical insurance policy means that the policy may not cover delay in cognitive or physical development, unless a child has not achieved the developmental milestones expected for a child of that age. Usually, insurers do not cover conditions in which a child is slightly or temporarily lagging in development. The developmental delay must normally have been quantitatively measured by qualified medical professionals and documented as a delay in development of at least 12 months. Cognitive physical growth and development typically refers to the lifelong process that begins when a child is born. Many factors influence a child’s cognitive development and physical growth, and specific developmental milestones should occur as a child progresses from early infancy through adolescence. Parents are usually advised to schedule regular appointments with the child’s pediatrician so he can assess the child’s physical, cognitive, and psychological development, and during these visits, any deviations from normal development may be registered by the doctor. This exclusion applies to conditions where a child’s development is delayed but not severe enough to be considered as a developmental disorder and must be quantitatively measured and documented to be eligible for coverage.