Drug addiction or alcoholism

This exclusion on a medical insurance policy means that the policy will not cover care and treatment for drug addiction or alcoholism, including detoxification programs and treatments to stop smoking. Additionally, death associated with drug addiction or alcoholism, or the treatment of any condition that is related to or a direct consequence of alcoholism or addiction, such as organ failure or dementia, will not be covered. This exclusion applies to most, if not all, health insurance policies. Alcoholism is a specific term referring to addiction to alcohol, while drug addiction is a generalized condition in which a person can be addicted to any substance. Drugs are addictive substances that alter the way the body communicates and processes information. Alcoholism and drug addiction have similar symptoms and can be treated using the same techniques, and alcoholism is considered as a form of drug addiction. While not all addiction causes the same feelings or withdrawal symptoms, all substance abuse stems from similar sources, such as the desire to numb physical or emotional pain.