Intentionally caused diseases or self-inflicted injuries

This exclusion on a medical insurance policy means that the policy will not cover the care and/or treatment of intentionally caused diseases or self-inflicted injuries, including a suicide attempt. These types of injuries and illnesses are considered to be self-inflicted and are not covered by most health insurance policies. The act of intentionally harming one’s own body without meaning for the injury to be fatal is considered self-inflicted injury. People who engage in self-inflicted injury typically do so in an attempt to cope with distress, anger, and other painful emotions. While self-inflicted injury may help people to cope with difficult feelings temporarily, it can cause emotional and physical harm in the long term and may also have unintended consequences such as severe injury or accidental death. With support and treatment, people can reduce their distress and find healthier ways to manage emotions and cope with painful experiences. It’s important to check the terms and conditions of your policy and see if self-inflicted injuries are covered or not.