Therapies and treatment

Therapies and treatment in sanatoriums, convalescent and nursing homes

Therapies and treatment in sanatoriums, convalescent and nursing homes as well as specific rehabilitation measures will most likely be excluded from coverage by your policy. Insurers will probably not cover therapies and treatments in sanatoriums or convalescent and nursing homes, however, depending on the policy you have selected, insurers may refund a share or all of the expenses for follow-up rehabilitation. A sanatorium is a type of medical facility that specializes in the treatment of specific diseases, often in a secluded or remote location. Sanatoriums were traditionally built in areas with a healthy climate, such as mountainous regions or near bodies of water, as it was believed that the fresh air and natural surroundings would aid in the healing process. Sanatoriums were particularly popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, with many facilities built specifically to treat tuberculosis before the discovery of antibiotics. However, as medical treatments and technology have advanced, the use of sanatoriums has decreased, and they are now considered a form of historical medical treatment. Some sanatoriums have been repurposed into convalescent or nursing homes, which provide long-term care for people with chronic illnesses or disabilities. These types of facilities are generally not covered by standard health insurance policies but some policies may include coverage for follow-up rehabilitation after a hospital stay.”