Adding a Newborn to Your International Private Medical Insurance

Understanding the Process of Adding a Newborn to Your IPMI

Policy endorsement in IPMI (International Private Medical Insurance) refers to the process of amending or adding coverage to an existing insurance policy. Policy endorsement is used to adjust the coverage to meet the specific needs of the policyholder, either by adding coverage for a new risk or by excluding coverage for a risk that is no longer relevant. This is an important feature of IPMI, as it enables policyholders to customize their insurance coverage to fit their changing needs over time.

For example, if a policyholder has recently moved to a new country and requires coverage for a new set of medical conditions, they can request a policy endorsement to add coverage for these conditions to their existing policy. This would ensure that they are covered in case they need medical treatment for those conditions while living in the new country.

While this might be possible it is rare and endorsements would most likely only be done in reference to certain exclusions due to pre-existing conditions on individual and family policies. For group policies certain providers are open to allow for policy adjustments using endorsements to adjust the terms and conditions of a policy.