Travel Security Services - Stay Safe and Secure while Abroad

Protecting travelers with comprehensive travel security services

Travel security services are services provided by companies that aim to keep travelers safe and secure while they are abroad. These services can include pre-travel security advice, real-time monitoring of potential risks and incidents, medical and security evacuations, and support during crises such as natural disasters, civil unrest, or health emergencies.

Some examples of companies that provide travel security services are International SOS, On Call International, and Global Rescue. These companies have a team of security and medical professionals that monitor global events and provide support to travelers 24/7.

To use these services, travelers need to sign up for a membership with the company, either individually or through their employer. They will then receive access to the company’s travel security services, including a 24/7 emergency hotline they can call in case of an emergency. Before traveling, they can also receive pre-travel security advice, including information on local conditions, cultural norms, and any potential security risks.