Understanding the Importance of Treatment Guarantee Form in IPMI

What is a Treatment Guarantee Form in IPMI and Why is it Important?

A Treatment Guarantee Form, also known as a Pre-Authorization or Referral Form, is a document used in International Private Medical Insurance (IPMI) to ensure that a patient is covered for a specific medical treatment or procedure. The form is typically filled out by a doctor or healthcare provider and submitted to the insurer prior to the treatment.

The main reason for submitting a Treatment Guarantee Form is to confirm that the treatment is eligible for coverage under the patient’s IPMI policy. This form helps the insurer to determine if the treatment is medically necessary, if it is covered under the policy, and if there are any restrictions or limits on coverage.

Examples of treatments that may require a Treatment Guarantee Form include, but are not limited to:

» Elective surgeries
» Non-emergency hospital admissions
» Specialist consultations
» Diagnostic tests
» Certain medical procedures

It is important to note that submitting a Treatment Guarantee Form does not guarantee coverage for the treatment. The form is simply a way for the insurer to determine coverage eligibility and make a decision on the policyholder’s claim.

In summary, submitting a Treatment Guarantee Form is an important step in the claims process for IPMI patients, as it helps to ensure that the treatment is covered under their policy and helps the insurer make an informed decision on the claim.