Companion Expenses


Companion expenses refer to the additional costs associated with having a companion travel with an individual who is being evacuated or repatriated for medical treatment. This may include the cost of a companion’s travel, such as airfare, as well as other expenses related to their stay, such as hotel accommodations.

In many cases, the companion will be able to travel in the same vehicle as the individual being evacuated or repatriated. However, if this is not possible, insurers may provide coverage for alternative forms of transportation at economy rates. This can include booking a separate flight or train ticket for the companion.

Insurers will typically cover the cost of the companion’s return trip, at economy rates, to the country where the evacuation or repatriation started from, following the completion of treatment. However, it is important to check the specific table of benefits as not all policies provide coverage for hotel accommodation or other related expenses.

The companion expenses coverage is an important aspect of evacuation and repatriation services as it can provide emotional support and comfort to the individual during their treatment and recovery process. It also ensures that the individual has someone to assist them during their travel and stay in another location.