Compassionate Visit

Compassionate visits refer to the coverage provided by insurance policies for family members to visit an insured person who is receiving inpatient treatment due to a medical emergency. This coverage typically applies when the individual is in the country of residence or while traveling on holiday or business. Insurers may arrange for a member of the individual’s family to visit if the hospital stay lasts for more than seven days. This can provide emotional support and comfort for the individual during their treatment and recovery process. The coverage usually provided for one family member to travel to the hospital and back home, however, it is important to refer to specific Table of Benefits as the coverage may vary.

In some cases, if an insured person is forced to return to their home country due to a serious illness, accident or death of a family member, insurers may reimburse travel costs up to the maximum amounts stated in the table of benefits. This can help alleviate financial burden on the individual and their family during a difficult time.

It’s worth noting that compassionate visits coverage is not provided by all insurance policies and it is important to check the specific table of benefits to see if it is included.