Emergency In-Patient dental treatment


Emergency in-patient dental treatment typically refers to acute emergency dental treatment that is due to a serious accident and requires admission to a hospital. This type of treatment is usually provided to alleviate pain and address any immediate concerns related to the accident, such as trauma to the face, jaw, or teeth. The treatment usually must take place within a certain time frame of the emergency event for coverage to be available under this benefit. Emergency dental treatment usually does not include tooth extraction, root canal therapy, and emergency repair of a dental prosthesis. It is important to note that coverage under this benefit is typically limited to the immediate treatment and management of the emergency, and does not extend to follow-up dental treatment, dental surgery, dental prostheses, orthodontics, or periodontics. 

If coverage is available for these types of treatments, it would normally be listed separately in your specific Table of Benefits. It is important to carefully review your policy and understand the specific terms and conditions of this benefit to ensure that you are fully aware of what is covered and what is not covered.