Newborn Care


The benefit of newborn care in a medical insurance policy typically covers the essential medical examinations and treatments that are required for a newborn child immediately following birth. These examinations are essential in assessing the integrity and basic function of the child’s organs and skeletal structures, and can include assessments of the child’s heart rate, breathing, reflexes, and overall physical condition.

This benefit usually does not include further preventive diagnostic procedures, such as routine swabs, blood typing, and hearing tests, unless they are deemed medically necessary for the child. 

However, if follow-up investigations or treatments are required for the child for medical reasons, they may be covered under the child’s own policy if they have been added as a dependent. It is important to check your specific policy for the process of adding a child as a dependent and any potential medical underwriting requirements. Some policies may have a time limit for adding a child as a dependent, typically within 30 days after birth, so it is important to understand the terms of your specific policy.