Allianz Worldwide Care

Product Description

Allianz is a German multinational financial services company headquartered in Munich, Germany. Its core businesses are insurance and asset management. The company is one of the world’s largest insurers and financial services groups. The company is a component of the Euro Stoxx 50 stock market index.

Its asset management division, which consists of PIMCO, Allianz Global Investors and Allianz Real Estate, has €2,432 billion of assets under management (AuM), of which €1,775 billion are third-party assets (Q1 2021).

Allianz Partners, of which Allianz Care is one unit, is one of the fastest growing companies in the Allianz Group. Allianz Partners is also is one of the largest global entities in the Allianz Group, with 19,000 employees across 78 countries.

It is the leader in assistance, health, automotive and travel insurance, operating through a number of commercial brands, such as Allianz Care.

In Allianz Care, Allianz Partners Health line of business, our customers benefit from the experience, global footprint and partnerships they can leverage across the group. Tapping into a wealth of innovation, data, local knowledge and networks. Allianz Care have a global team of around 2,000 people in 25 countries, speaking 30 languages to support you. Allianz Care also have one of the largest medical networks in the world with over 900,000 providers across 195 countries. Combined with local knowledge and on-the-ground support, you can benefit from our preferred rates, where the focus is on quality and appropriateness of care, and medical cost containment.

Clients of Allianz Care includes Multinational companies of all sizes, Inter-governmental organisations (IGOs), Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and Private individuals and families.

Allianz Care features the following key selling points:

Strength in numbers: Customers benefit from the support, expertise and global footprint we can leverage from being part of the number 1 insurance brand in the world.

Claims made easy: Simple, efficient and fast. Allianz Care process fully completed medical claims in 48 hours in 130 different currencies.

Treatment guarantee: Hassle free access to hospital treatment, where Allianz Care pay the hospital directly. Direct billing with 715,000 doctors and 25,000 hospitals in over 170 countries.

Global medical network: Global network of over 900,000 healthcare providers. With local support from a medical provider management team in 34 countries

Service teams: 1,190+ health experts in 25 countries, speaking 30 languages. Allianz Care pride themselves on our uniquely personal, ‘always on’, care and support.

24/7 Helpline: The multilingual Helpline team is experienced, well trained and always available to help, day and night.

Feefo service ratings: The Health proposition has a 4.6 out of 5 star service rating through the Feefo unbiased user rating tool. We were also awarded the Feefo Trusted Service in 2020.

For individuals and families Allianz Care offers a modular plan in which you can select from the following building blocks.


You start by selecting your inpatient module (mandatory) and there are 3 options available: Care, Care Plus and Care Pro. To reduce your Core Plan premium, simply select an optional deductible. The level of discount will depend on whether you have selected a Maternity Plan. Please note that either a Core Plan deductible OR an Out-patient Plan deductible can be chosen. Where a deductible is selected it is payable per person, per Insurance Year.


You can add an outpatient module to your core plan and the options include the Active Pro and Active Plus Plan which can only be purchased with the Care Pro or Care Plus Core Plan. The Active Plan can be purchased with any Core Plan. They can›t be bought separately.

To reduce your Out-patient Plan premium, simply select an optional deductible. Please note that either an Out-patient Plan deductible OR a Core Plan deductible can be chosen. Where a deductible is selected it is payable per person, per Insurance Year.


Bloom and Bloom Plus maternity plans can be purchased with the Care Pro or Care Plus Plans. The Maternity Plans are not available with the Care Plan and they cannot be bought separately.


Smile and Smile Plus Dental Plans are optional. Smile Plus can only be purchased with our Care Pro Core Plan. Smile can be purchased with the Care Plus or Care Core Plan. Our Dental Plans cannot be bought separately.


Medical evacuation is included in all core plans and you can add repatriation to your plan. With the repatriation plan you can you can choose to be medically repatriated to your home country instead of to the nearest appropriate medical centre where the necessary treatment is not available locally. This benefit only applies when your home country is within your area of cover

Area of Coverage

Allianz Care offer a choice of three different geographical areas of cover. The cost of your cover will go up or down depending on which region of cover you choose. The areas of cover are subject to the terms and conditions and are Worldwide, Worldwide excluding USA and Africa only.

To know more about Allianz Care please contact us here at We remain at your service and by including us you pay the same premium as going direct to the insurance company.

Product Description

We know that every company is different, so we offer SMEs a flexible range of health and life insurance, as well as support services to help you as you grow your business internationally. As a global leader in insurance, we understand the needs of corporations and multinationals. We offer flexible plans to suit all budgets and fully tailored international health insurance with active account management and support for groups of 100+ employees. With over 130 years of experience in the field, we have a deep understanding of the challenges governmental organizations, IGOs and NGOs face, and provide a range of solutions, including administration services, cover for insurance risks, or a combination of both.

International insurance with Group terms can be offered when there are three or more staff members. Generally, all insured members within an international healthcare group will have the same level of cover. However, for larger groups, we are able to accommodate different levels of cover through the creation of sub-groups. Moratorium underwriting sets a waiting period for pre-existing medical conditions to limit the insurance risk. This means that There will be a 24-month waiting period before claims for any pre-existing medical conditions may become eligible. Medical History Disregarded terms is members’ health information is not assessed. This means that You won’t need to tell us about pre-existing conditions of any member to be covered.

We realize that Life and Disability insurance requirements vary by geography, industry, organization and individual employee. So we have created a portfolio of offerings to provide you with the right benefits for your team, within your budget. You can integrate this within your Allianz Care International Heath insurance, Global Healthcare Service or select as a standalone benefit. We remove the challenge and fear from preparing for the unthinkable. Our wide range of products allow your employees peace of mind, secure in the knowledge that their loved ones will be taken care of, should the worst happen. You can select the benefit value, paid as a fixed sum or salary percentage; it’s your choice.

The Summit plan range offer 4 different levels of coverage:

Summit 1750 a basic plan offering inpatient, cancer care and emergency medical evacuation

Summit 2500 a mid range plan with inpatient, cancer care and emergency medical evacuation and outpatient up to USD 5,000.

Summit 4,000 a comprehensive plan with inpatient, cancer care and emergency medical evacuation and outpatient up to USD 15,000

Summit 5,000 a very comprehensive plan with inpatient, cancer care and emergency medical evacuation and outpatient up to overall policy limit.

All plans except Summit 1750 offer optional add-ons such as Dental, Optical, Maternity and Repatriation.