Affinity Group Discounts

Premium Rewards and Affinity Group Discounts

Affinity Group Discounts: Tailored Solutions for Specific Groups

Looking for exclusive medical insurance solutions at discounted rates? Check out our Premium Rewards and Affinity Group Discounts! We have teamed up with a range of groups and organizations to provide tailored insurance solutions to their members. We offer Premium Rewards with the Expatriate Group. Our affinity group discounts include Scouts, Home-Exchange, Blue Wave for crew and seafarers, and Bupa Mining and Energy Forum. These arrangements provide unique benefits and discounts to members, including no claims discounts and special coverage options. Find out more about our affinity group solutions and start saving on your medical insurance today!

Premium Rewards

Discount for you!Get up to 25% discount on medical insurance premiums by switching to Expatriate Healthcare through You can qualify for these rewards if you’re an expat, a digital nomad, or working remotely, and currently insured with 1 to 3 claim-free years. Maternity, Dental, Optical, or Preventative claims will not affect your entitlement to Premium Rewards.

Receive a 5% discount on published rates with Expatriate Healthcare if you are not currently insured.

Blue Wave

Blue Wave Discounts for seafarers and crewAs a seafarer or crew member, you can access specialized and discounted travel, medical, and life insurance policies tailored to your and your family’s needs through the Blue Wave Affinity Group.

With a 15% member discount, you can access policies like single trip and annual travel, medical insurance (offered at 4 plan levels and with a range of excess options), and life insurance (offered with a wide range of coverage limits and 1 to 20-year terms).

Send us your employment contract and certificate showing you are fit for offshore duty, and we’ll send you the discount code and instructions on how to take out the policy.

Home Exchange

HomeExchange - Discount for members

At Brokerfish, we offer a 15% discount on travel, medical, income protection, and life insurance for members of

Furthermore, as avid travelers ourselves, we understand the importance of having adequate protection while exploring the world. We’ve been active in the insurance market for over 25 years and provide dedicated support to our clients. Learn more about our services and support by reading reviews here and you can also browse our Trustpilot reviews here.

Scout Movement

Save on insurance as an active scot!As a member of the scout movement, you can access specialized and discounted travel, medical, income protection, and life insurance products through BrokerFish.

We offer a 15% discount on both single trip and annual travel policies, and on medical insurance, term life insurance, and income protection insurance products. Contact us to learn more about how we can help.

The Bupa Global Mining and Energy Forum

Discounts for employees in the Oil and Gas industry!The Bupa Global Mining and Energy Forum medical insurance plan offers comprehensive coverage to individuals and families living and working in the mining and energy industries.

With access to over 1.2 million medical providers and facilities worldwide, the plan provides the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re protected no matter where you go. Contact us to learn more about the plan and how we can help you stay protected.