Blue Wave Affinity Group

Blue Wave Affinity Group

Individual specialized and discounted travel, medical and life insurance for seafarers and crew – the Blue Wave Affinity Group!

Here at Brokerfish we have a vast and long experience in providing specialized and tailored travel, medical and life insurance policies to seafarers and crew as well as their families. We do so both in the form of group policies as well as individual & family policies. Working offshore can have its challenges and one is having adequate and appropriate insurance which may be provided by your employer or manning agency but in far too many instances only the P&I policy provides basic protection for crew and seafarers – therefore we have created this option for you to obtain appropriate coverage at a reasonable premium. The crew and seafarer Blue Wave Affinity Group!

Blue Wave Affinity Group – 15 % member discount om travel, medical and life insurance

We offer 15 % on travel, medical and life insurance policies, and the only thing you need to qualify for this is to show your current employment contract in the industry, a certificate showing you are fit for offshore duty (at an oil rig, a ship/vessel or similar). To obtain the affinity discount code, just send the document to us and if in order we will send the discount code along with instructions on how to obtain the discount when you take out the policy.

Travel medical insurance: We offer single trip and annual travel policies

Medical insurance: We offer 3 plan levels and a range of excess options to tailor the premium to an affordable level.

Life insurance: We offer a wide spectrum of coverage limits along with 1 to 20 year terms to find the best solution for you to protect your loved ones.

Here at Brokerfish we understand the industry and we have insight in the various categories of people on a ship, including officers and ratings. The officers are responsible for navigating the ship and managing the crew, while the ratings handle the maintenance and operation of the ship.

There are several different ranks among officers, including:

  • Master (Captain)
  • Chief Officer (First Mate)
  • Second Officer
  • Third Officer
  • Deck Cadet
  • The ratings are divided into several different categories, including:
    – Deck Ratings: responsible for the maintenance and operation of the ship’s deck equipment and machinery
    – Engineering Ratings: responsible for the maintenance and operation of the ship’s engines and technical systems
    – Catering Ratings: responsible for the ship’s food and hospitality services

In addition to these categories, there are also specialized roles on a ship, such as the radio officer, who is responsible for communication, and the medical officer, who is responsible for the health and well-being of the crew.

We provide advise for all types of crew on a ship and have insights and understanding for the challenges and desires for each category why we will be able to better give personal and private advise to each of you who reach out to us for assistance and help with ensuring you are adequately covered.

Access your affinity discounts as follows

Step 1:
Enter “Quote & buy now”, submit your details → click proceed. Enter your email address → click proceed. Your non discounted rate will be displayed.

Step 2:
Earn your affinity discount rate by inserting the affinity code in the “affinity code” box. Voila, your rate reduction is granted. Note: Discount will only work using the “quote and buy” links below.

Step 3:
Enjoy your affinity discount and protection plan by completing the purchase and protect yourself today.

Use your Blue Wave Affinity Group affinity discount code now

Travel insurance – single trip or annual travel insuranceMedical Insurance – Annually renewable health insurance
3 levels of coverage to choose from: Basic, Standard or Comprehensive.3 Levels of coverage to choose from: Primary, Primary+ and Select.
Travel with peace of mind at an affordable price as a Blue Wave member.Secure access to the best healthcare available at a discounted price as an Blue Wave member.
Life insurance – Term life coverage to protect your loved ones if you die Income protection – if an illness or accident prevents you from attending your usual occupation.
Two plans available, Easy Life cover and Term Life cover. Worldwide security against accidental death, permanent disablement, and temporary disablement.
Secure your family’s financials with a term life plan at a great price as a Blue Wave member. Ensure you have an income replacement should you have an accident or fall ill, get better rates as a Blue Wave member.

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