ALC Global Health Insurance

ALC Global Health Insurance

ALC offer two different application forms

Please select the form appropriate to the plan you want to apply for. Bronze form for the Bronze plan and for all other plans select the Global Application Form.

ALC Global Health Insurance has been providing international health insurance plans to individuals, families, and companies around the world for over two decades. Many of ALC team members have firsthand experience as expats. Hence they understand the challenges of living and accessing healthcare in a foreign country. ALC believe in a personal approach to serving their clients, taking into account their unique needs and cultural backgrounds. The claims team is highly skilled and has experience of cases in over 140 countries. ALC’s goal is to offer a dependable and accessible service that leverages local and global expertise to provide your deserved protection.

The flexible nature of ALC’s international health insurance plans give you many options. Choose to cover yourself for the essentials. Or, opt for a more comprehensive package. This is all part of the ALC Health difference and makes ALC attractive to so many people around the world. The comprehensive range of international plans let you choose more of what you want and less of what you don’t.

You are their first priority. ALC knows that wherever you are living or working you have unique demands. Peace of mind about your healthcare is probably at the top.


» ALC’s wide range of insurance plans reflects the diversity of our members, with flexible, comprehensive and value-added options that allow you to choose the level of cover that best meets your needs.
» Plan options that cover chronic conditions, cancer, complementary medicine, optical, vaccination, wellness, and preventative tests.
» Competitive premiums with a range of excess options, payment plans, and currencies.
» Guarantees continuation of cover for members leaving an ALC group scheme.
» Prides itself on its clear and helpful customer service and 24/7 international medical helpline.
» Sends you an ALC Health membership pack with all the information you need.
» Offers a comprehensive quotation service.
» No age limits and lifetime renewals.

ALC Health
ALC Medical Insurance

Chronic Conditions

A long-term health issue that cannot be cured and requires ongoing management is called a chronic condition. This can include diseases, illnesses, or injuries that are permanent, require rehabilitation or specialized training to cope with. Or, they could require long-term monitoring, consultations, check-ups, examinations, or tests. Chronic conditions may also require ongoing treatment to control or relieve symptoms. Depending on the level of coverage you choose, ALC offers benefits for acute, palliative, and routine treatment of chronic conditions.

If you have a chronic condition, ALC may contact your specialist (with your permission). This to confirm the diagnosis, get details about your treatment, and understand the future prognosis. The goal of treatment for a chronic condition is to return you to your previous state of health or achieve a full recovery. This may include short-term medical intervention for unexpected complications or acute exacerbations of the condition. If you are receiving ongoing or routine treatment to manage your symptoms, ALC may review this treatment to determine its continued eligibility for benefits. Depending on your plan, there may be limits on the amount of benefits available for chronic conditions.

Cancer, Hospice and kidney Dialysis

ALC recognizes that cancer requires specific treatment and care, and as such, does not classify it as a chronic condition. Instead, ALC offers “Oncology” benefits within its insurance plans to cover cancer treatment. Benefits are paid in full up to the overall maximum sum insured under each plan. If your cancer is no longer curable and you receive palliative treatment, ALC will continue to cover you in full. This would include any hospice costs if applicable. The plan also cover Hospice care for end-of-life care. However, it is subject to the limits specified in the policy wording. Additionally, an acute episode of kidney dialysis is covered in full up to the overall maximum sum insured under each plan. For those with the Prima Platinum or Prima Premier plans, dialysis as routine management is also covered up to the benefit limits.

The ALC Health Prima Individual and Family Plans

Platinum: A benefit rich plan with an extensive range of medical treatments with the option of routine pregnancy and childbirth care. This plan also includes Routine and restorative dental treatment and evacuation or repatriation services.

Premier: A traditional comprehensive plan combining in-patient and day-patient treatment . There is an option to add out-patient treatment, routine pregnancy and childbirth care, dental treatment and evacuation or repatriation services.

Classic: An everyday international insurance plan covering the essential costs of in-patient, day-patient and out-patient treatment with the option to add routine pregnancy and childbirth care, routine dental treatment and evacuation or repatriation services.

Underwriting options for individuals, families and groups

ALC offers Prima Classic, Premier, and Platinum plans for individuals and companies with four or more employees. These plans provide a range of international health insurance coverage and benefits. When you apply for coverage with ALC, we will ask for some basic information to help us determine the annual premium and underwriting terms for the plan you have chosen. This enables ALC to assess the appropriate coverage and terms for your policy.

1. Moratorium (MORI)

This underwriting option does not cover the treatment of any medical condition or specified related condition that existed during the five years before the policy began. This applies to conditions with a firm diagnosis as well as conditions for which you had symptoms, even if no diagnosis was made. You are considered to be aware of a medical condition if you know or ought reasonably to have known that something was wrong, even if you have not seen a doctor.

If you need treatment for a condition that is not covered in the first two years of your policy, you can make a claim after this two-year period has elapsed, as long as you have not received medical treatment, advice, or taken drugs or followed special diets for the condition in the two consecutive years before treatment was needed. If you have received treatment for a pre-existing condition within the two-year period, you will not be able to make a claim until you have gone for two consecutive years without treatment, advice, help, or drugs. Some continuous or recurring medical conditions may never be covered because you will always need medical advice or medication, preventing you from going two consecutive years without either. Additionally, some medical conditions may be permanently excluded from coverage.

2. Continuation of Personal Medical Exclusions (CPME)

Individuals and companies can switch to ALC Health from an insurance policy with another provider. This is valid for both fully underwritten or moratorium terms. If you switch to ALC Health on the basis of “continuation of medical exclusions,” they will transfer any previous underwriting terms for medical conditions to your new policy. It is important to note that this only applies to the specific underwriting terms and that your policy will be subject to our general terms, including exclusions and benefit limitations, which are outlined in the policy wording. If your company has selected “medical history disregarded” underwriting with your current provider and wishes to continue this with ALC Health, you should consider our “medical history disregarded” option.

3. Full Medical Underwriting

To join ALC Health, you must complete a Full Medical Underwriting Application Form that provides details of your medical history. ALC will review this information and may exclude certain previous or ongoing medical conditions from coverage. These exclusions will be listed on your Certificate of Insurance. Please note that these are personal exclusions and your policy will also be subject to ALC’s general terms and conditions. This option is available to individuals or groups and is required for anyone joining ALC who is over the age of 74.

4. Medical History Disregarded (MHD)
The Medical History Disregarded (MHD) option is the most expensive and is only available to companies with more than 10 employees. With MHD, members can join ALC without any exclusions based on their previous medical history (subject to the terms and conditions of the policy).

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