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Cigna Global – a leading health insurance provider with global footprint

Recognized as one of the world’s Leading health insurance provider with global footprint, this might be your preferred provider. Cigna offer comprehensive coverage on their Global Health Options plans. Further, they provide a more competitive offering with their Close Care insurance product. The parent company of Cigna Global is the American multinational managed healthcare and insurance company based in Bloomfield, Connecticut. Cigna’s insurance branches are significant suppliers of health, dental, disability, life and accident insurance. Most of which are provided as benefit packages to employees and staff of major companies and other organizations. These include governmental and non-governmental organizations, unions and associations.

Cigna provides Medicare and Medicaid products and health, life and accident insurance coverages primarily to persons in the U.S. and selected international markets. In addition to its base business as outlined earlier, Cigna also has certain run-off operations, including a Run-off Reinsurance segment. In the Phoenix metropolitan area, Cigna operates a full-service staff-model health maintenance organization. This organization also have satellite clinics throughout the region, known as the Cigna Medical Group.


Global Health Benefits

Cigna Global Health Benefits also operates under the Cigna corporation. This medical insurance offering is a significant player in the International Private Medical Insurance Market. With a background in medical care going back as much as 225 years, Cigna is an internationally established and trusted health services company. Today, Cigna claim to have over 160 million customer relationships in over 200 countries and territories. This makes Cigna a truly leading health insurance provider with global footprint.

Cigna look after this vast number of people who entrust their health and wellbeing to them. They do so by utilizing an extensive international workforce of 74,000 people. In addition, accessing a medical network comprising of over 1.65 million partnerships. These include 175,000 mental and behavioral health care providers, and 14,000 facilities and clinics. Using their scale to deliver choice, predictability, affordability, and access to quality care for their customers. Cigna Global specialize in international health insurance for globally mobile individuals. They are dedicated to helping their customers better manage their overall health and wellbeing. This, by ensuring customers have quality care available as and when the need may arise. Hence, allowing customers to focus on what matters most, their recovery.

Cigna - THE leading health insurance provider with global footprint

Cigna Global Health Options

The Global Health Options program offer a wide range of coverage modules, deductibles and co-payment options. This allows prospective clients to tailor the coverage and premium to suit their protection needs and budget. Cigna is a premium insurer which may be seen in their rates. However it should also be remembered that premium insurer also means premium coverage and protection.


Cigna offers 3 levels of coverage and selecting one of these building blocks is mandatory, all other modules are optional. The options are Silver with an annual limit of USD 1,000,000. Gold have an annual limit of USD 2,000,000. Platinum with no upper annual limit. The 3 plans are similar in design but differ when it comes to various sub-limits. There are a differences where no coverage is offered for certain benefits such as obesity and maternity care on the Silver plan. The silver plan does provide very good coverage and should suffice in most cases although there are certain limitation worth noting such as USD 10,000 limit on Advanced Medical Imaging (MRI, CT and PET scans). The Gold plan have a slightly higher limit for this benefit at USD 15,000 per policy year while there is no limit for the platinum plan.

Cigna - Global options with a wide range of modules and options.


Adding outpatient to your core plan is optional and depends on your budget and needs. The silver plan offers a coverage for up to USD 15,000 per policy year while the gold plan covers up to USD 35,000 and the platinum plan have no overall limit. While the overall limits are decent on the silver and gold plans the sublimit on Silver for medical practitioners at USD 2,500 and gold at USD 5,000 is well wort nothing along with the limit on prescribed drugs at USD 1,500 for silver and USD 2,500 for gold respectively.


This module is selectable on all 3 levels of coverage and is identical for 3 levels of coverage. Coverage includes medical evacuation and/or repatriation, repatriation of mortal remains, compassionate visits. This module is of particular importance to consider should you live in a remote location were medical care may not be of the high standards you may expect. Two examples are Laos and Guyana. While there may be a few hospitals and doctors of high international standard available should you suffer a life threatening event such as a heart attack or a severe car accident you may want to have coverage for and a provider who has the ability to coordinate a medical evacuation to a locations were medical care that can cater to your needs is available.


The health and wellbeing module includes coverage for a physical examination and a wide range of cancer screenings such as cervical, prostate, breast, bowel, skin, lung cancer screening were the Silver, Gold and Platinum plans having increasing sub-limits for each type of screening. The module also includes coverage for life management assistance program and wellness coaching by telephone.


The dental section includes coverage for eye exam and lenses (contact and spectacle), frame and prescription sunglasses with increasing levels from silver to platinum.

The dental section provides coverage for Preventive, routine, major restorative and orthodontic (up to age 18) treatments with increasing amounts and percentages from Silver to Platinum, silver having a USD 1,250 limit, Gold USD 2,500 and Platinum USD 5,500 annually.


For the modules NTERNATIONAL MEDICAL INSURANCE and INTERNATIONAL OUTPATIENT you can elect to include a deductible and/or cost share. The deductible is the amount you cover before the insurance starts to cover your costs (up to policy limit) and the cost share is a percentage you pay of the total covered cost, after you meet the deductible. Cigna offers a wide range of deductibles and cost share percentages and is a good way of keeping down the annual outlay while still having a comprehensive health insurance plan in place. It is also very important to keep in mind that there is an out-of-pocket maximum so you would be covered for any amount (up to policy limit) exceeding your specific out of pocket maximum.

Cigna Close Care - Affordable coverage for expatriates in their resident and home country.

Cigna Close Care

The Cigna Close care product has been developed as a solution to meet the needs of individuals who do not require global coverage and only require coverage in their country of residence and country of nationality when they return home for visits. The Close Care plan by Cigna provides coverage for essential hospital stays and treatment, including surgeons and specialist consultation fees, hospital accommodation, nursing and medicines. The plan also provides inpatient and outpatient mental health coverage and coverage for treatment, testing and vaccines as a result of a pandemic. In addition, you have the added comfort of our Out of Area Emergency care benefit which covers you for any unexpected medical needs when you are on a short trip outside your area of coverage.

Design your Close Care plan

Creating a cost effective, tailored plan with Cigna is simple. Your Core cover will cover you comprehensively for inpatient and daypatient treatment, and you have the choice to add our optional Outpatient and Wellness Care and Dental Care and Treatment modules to your plan. We also offer a wide range of cost shares and deductible options, allowing you to tailor a plan to suit your budget. These offerings ranging from Global Options to Close Care positions Cigna as one of the leading health insurance provider with a truly global footprint.

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