CIGNA Policy Rules

Read full Cigna Policy Rules

Explore and download the Cigna Global Options medical insurance policy rules provided below. You also have the option to save the PDF to your device for convenient access.

The policy rules detail the full terms and conditions of your coverage and should be read in conjunction with your policy certificate and the table of benefits. If you encounter any terms that are difficult to understand, our help section can be a valuable resource. Use it to search for specific terms and learn more about their meanings. We have prepared three sections to assist you:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): This section outlines various terms and explains their meanings in an easy-to-understand format.

Glossary for Medical Insurance: This glossary lists and defines common terms used in the table of benefits and throughout your policy.

Exclusion Section: This section provides a comprehensive list of common exclusions that may be part of your policy terms and conditions, along with detailed descriptions of what each exclusion means.