ExpaCare Table of Benefits

Browse the Expacare Table of Benefits

Browse and download the Expacare table of benefits for their medical insurance policy. You can also download the pdf to your device. If you need assistance in understanding the lingo and certain terms, maybe our glossary for terms used in many table of benefits can be helpful.

The Core Plan offers inpatient treatment, emergency medical evacuation, outpatient surgery and other benefits that you
would expect to see in a standard international healthcare plan.

You can extend the Choices plan by adding benefits from the following options:

• Choices option 1 – Cancer treatment and chronic care: you can decide whether you want full cover, restricted cover or no cover.

• Choices option 2 – Out-patient treatment: 5 levels of out-patient cover from no cover to a full refund option.

• Choices option 3 –  Additional benefits: including routine dental treatment, wellness benefit, optical cover and maternity care.