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Expatriate Group are specialist international insurance providers with customers in over 180 countries, territories and locations around the world. They provide an integrated service for individual, family, corporate and employee life, accident, travel, disability & medical insurance protection. Expatriate group helps to protect you by ensuring that you are afforded the right level of care and protection while overseas may it be on a temporary trip with travel insurance or medical insurance for as a digital nomad, expatriate on an adventure on your own or as an employee of a company who stationed you overseas. Expatriate group protects a company’s most important asset by insuring key persons against long term illness, disability and/or death; this by ensuring that you can financially manage loss of income or employee replacement costs. By providing a comprehensive selection of products and services, Expatriate group give you the very best chance of a successful life overseas by providing affordable insurance solution to you and your family or to your organization may it be a company, an international school, an embassy or a network of embassies or a non-profit organization.

Expatriate Group was founded in 1997 by a group of individuals with a wealth of experience and insight into the wants and needs of expatriates. The company has since grown and continue to innovate, most recently by introducing Expat Pay, a cashless and “no need to submit claims” solution where your expenses are pre-authorized and approved in your payment solution, may it be by using a app based payment solution or a debit card (available for certain locations were no other payment solution is accepted).

Currently this is only available for group plans. Basically, it gives you global medical coverage that never leaves you out of pocket and you can avoid up front medical fees for your employees by providing cover via a digital cash-less iPMI solution so treatment can be paid for immediately.
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International Healthcare Insurance

As the name suggests, the Expatriate Healthcare product provides medical insurance for those living and working abroad. With the companies 3 decades of experience in the provision of international healthcare we are best placed to provide you with the right cover, at the right price to compliment your lifestyle overseas. The

Expatriate Healthcare plan provides medical cover for expatriates living and working abroad. The focus to deliver peace of mind is reflected in the 3 key plans, which offer varied levels of cover to suit your circumstances and budget.

The Expatriate Healthcare Select Plan is one of the most comprehensive private medical insurance plans on the market today offered at a very competitive premium. A total solution to your healthcare, chronic, dental, optical and maternity needs. This flagship plan not only provides you with excellent cover in the event of an illness, it also provides preventative benefits (vaccinations, check-ups and screenings), for a healthier outlook.

The Primary+ Plan is based on the Select Plan without the elective services. It is an intelligent medical cover package, which competes favorably with most other providers’ flagship products. Primary+ gives you access to your family doctor; inpatient, day patient and outpatient cover with reimbursement for specialists, physicians, chronic cover and alternative treatment (such as osteopathy, homeopathy and acupuncture).

The Primary Plan covers you when you need it most. It includes inpatient and day-patient medical costs plus follow-up outpatient treatment and the Emergency Assistance and Repatriation benefits. The Primary Plan provides you with cover to protect you against larger financial commitments.

Travel Insurance

Expatriate Group’s TravelCare policy covers all nationalities, travelling almost anywhere in the world. You can cover a specific single trip or, for total flexibility, an annual policy that covers you for any trip you take abroad; regardless of how often you travel. With a core policy, additional policy options and destination tailoring, you can adapt cover and premium to provide you with exactly the right product for you.

Worldwide Single trip and Annual Multi-trip travel insurance

Expatriate Group’s TravelCare Insurance allows you the freedom to purchase either a single trip plan or an annual multi-trip travel product and travel as frequently as you like with complete peace of mind. The annual multi-trip plan allows you to select to be covered in either the EU or Worldwide; with maximum trip lengths of 42 or 90 days.

Basic Plan – This is the core policy option, which provides important cover against the high cost of medical treatment and emergency medical evacuation. It also provides you with 24 hour access to trained nurses to ensure that medical advice is only ever a phone call away.

Standard Plan – This level of protection also covers you against additional losses to property, liability and accidents that you may suffer whilst travelling abroad.

Comprehensive Plan – This level of cover provides you with additional protection in the event that your trip is unexpectedly cancelled or you are forced to return home early.

Term life insurance

Level Term Life Insurance providing financial protection to your family in the event of your death during the term of the cover. Expatriate Group is one of very few insurance companies who can offer level term policies to the international community, either as an individual policy or as a group policy for your organization. You can select a term from one to thirty years, with premiums guaranteed for the full term – also this is a great feature as many insurers include fine print that say they may review rates every 5 or 10 years. Expatriate Group’s Level Term Life Insurance, designed especially for expatriates and international travelers is a great cost effective way to protect your loved ones if the unthinkable should occur.

Income Replacement Insurance

Protect your income against an accident or an illness that prevents you from attending your usual occupation. Expatriate Group’s Accident & Illness Insurance provides you with worldwide protection against accidental death, permanent disablement and temporary disablement. The policy pays you a weekly sum in the event of temporary disablement or a lump sum in the event of permanent disability or accidental death. This in combination with a term life policy protects you and your loved ones fully in the event of disaster.

Corporate and group Insurance

By dedicating the insurance products to expats worldwide, Expatriate Group are giving those living and working abroad the safety and security they need and Expatriate Group’s customers can embrace life abroad with confidence in their insurance protection. Expatriate group is one of the most flexible providers we work with and they allow groups to tailor their coverage to specifically suit the needs of each specific organization. We have worked for many years doing exactly this with Expatriate group and our clients who seek tailored solutions specific to their situations and needs. Expat pay provides an additional feature which elevates the offering from Expatriate group to be one of the most interesting in the market today. Not only because of the excellent coverage, reduced administration of your policy but also the fact that the Expatriate Group is probably number one when it comes to keeping medical inflation and rate increases at bay.

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