Healthcare International

Healthcare International


HealthCare International offer five levels of cover, “Emergency Plus”, “Standard”, “Plus”, “Premium”, and “Premier”, providing protection provided anywhere in the world. All policy holders are provided a global choice of more than 7,000 medical centres of excellence, and the insurer operates a 24-hour claim line which members can call from anywhere in the world, 365 days a year, for immediate help and advice.

Their first two levels of cover (Emergency Plus and Standard) provide hospitalization benefits, while the remaining three plans (Plus, Premium and Executive) add increasing levels of out-patient care, preventative healthcare benefits and maternity cover. Routine dental and Travel insurance are options on all their plans, as is the option to include Term-Life insurance, Disability (Income Protection), Personal Accident, Vision care, and Critical Illness insurance to supplement the health cover.

HealthCare International provides its members options to reduce their premium cost by allowing them to adopt a Co-Payment and / or Deductible on their policy. This can reduce the premium by as much as 60%. Contact us to discuss your premium options.

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