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Worldwide Insurance Services, LLC (Worldwide Services Insurance Agency, LLC in CA and in NY) offers a wide range of travel medical insurance across the U.S. under leading brands.

The plans include a wide range of travel medical insurance products that include coverage for hospital care, surgery, GP and Specialist visits, prescription drugs and medical evacuation.

By purchasing a product from HTH you can roam the globe being certain that you have easy admission to a community of trusted English-speaking health care workers and doctors in more than 180 countries.

Very important information for US nationals and passport holders

Get your US passport, open and read the text on page two, which you have probably never done, and almost certainly get surprised by this warning:

HEALTH INSURANCE. Persons considering foreign travel should determine what health insurance coverage, if any, they require while outside the United States. Medicare does not cover health care costs outside the United States and its territories, except under limited circumstances in Canada and Mexico.

It is a sad, frightening and often common fact that way too many US citizens and passport holders do not have appropriate insurance policies in place to cover their medical costs while travelling abroad, that may be on a short trip or assignment for a couple of years or a permanent relocation. Government sponsored medical programs such as Medicare virtually never cover medical expenses incurred outside of the US. Employer-sponsored plans way too often limit overseas coverage to emergency care only (and the burden will be on you to prove it’s an emergency). Lack of coverage for emergency medical evacuation, when appropriate care is not available at your specific location, could be a unknown fact. Also lack of coverage when you are traveling on business may be the case or you could probably have significant gaps in your coverage.

International travel and why insurance, in particular medical insurance, is so important

Receiving appropriate medical care in certain parts of the world can be challenging. In certain countries and at many hospitals you will not receive any treatment – or would not discharge a patient – until a guarantee of payment has been issued by an insurance or paid for by using your credit card. Guarantees of payments are typically provided by your travel or medical insurer, who often use a TPA (third party administrator, but not by your domestic US plan as it would most likely lack coverage for any incidents outside of the US. If you do not have appropriate coverage you would have to cover these expenses yourself or if your insurance provider would not issue a guarantee of payment you would have to pay this in advance yourself, amounts that could easily reach tens of thousands of dollars.

It should also be noted that leaving your destination for a city or country were higher quality medical care is available or returning to the US were your domestic insurance plan is available could be a big challenge. Emergency Medical evacuations can be very challenging to set up and there are some providers of evacuation who should be avoided. In addition to that local authorities may have financial ties to certain companies making the medical evacuation prohibitively expensive. A solution to avoide this risk is to find appropriate travel medical coverage which includes medical evacuation in the policy. This benefit would give you 24/7/365 access and assistance company who will help to arrange a process whereby the evacuation is coordinated, arranged, and completed utilizing a well-known and established evacuation company for your specific region. The assistance company can also provide assistance should there be any other travel related challenges in the form of legal troubles, lost passports or credit cards, and so on. Emergencies are few and far between but it is of major importance to have a contingency plan.

What does my personal domestic US health plan cover?

If you have a medical insurance policy in the U.S., the first thing to do is to verify with your insurer what type of coverage you have. If it is challenging to get a fast and clear answer that should alert you to dig deeper! If you do not have a domestic US policy then you probably need it even more if/when you travel.

What types of insurance should I consider when going abroad?

In general, we can say that there are three major kinds of coverage to contemplate. Most travel insurance products offer all three or at least two of the three:

Health/accident insurance

Commonly referred to as travel health insurance, these policies cover your doctor and hospital bills, and sometimes include coverage for dental care and prescribed medicines. These policies can be issued for short trips (1 day – 6 months) and will supplement a Medicare or a managed care plan. HTH’s TravelGap plans are an example of this type of coverage.

International medical/health Insurance

International health insurance may also be selected as primary insurance for you and your family and/or business when relocating to outside of the US for a longer period of time (6 months or longer). HTH’s Global Citizen and Global Citizen EXP are prime examples of this type of coverage. These plans are very comprehensive and include value added features such as preventative/wellness services, acupuncture, chiropractic, maternity benefits and much more.

Medical Evacuation

A key benefit or feature of any proper international plan weather it is a travel health policy or proper medical insurance policy. An evacuation when needed would probably be very expensive (We have had cases were the evacuation alone was USD 200,000 and then on top of that came the treatment costs for the medical emergency itself). In addition to the evacuation coverage itself, you want and need assistance with arranging an evacuation. All of HTH’s products offer coverage for medical evacuation (at time of writing).

Trip cancellation/interruption

Is not a key coverage but is a value-added feature that protects you financially in the event you have to cancel or interrupt your trip for medical or other reasons. As an example, you purchase a USD 10,000 cruise for you and your spouse but have to cancel due to serious illness. Depending on when you cancel, a significant portion of the $5,000 may be non-refundable. This type of insurance will reimburse you and HTH’s TripProtector offers this type of coverage along with evacuation and supplemental health/accident coverage.

Single Trip Plans

Short term international travel medical plans for leisure, missionary or business travel.


» Choice of varying medical limits and deductibles
» For trips outside the U.S. up to 6 months for ages 95 or younger
» Covers pre-existing conditions for medical services and medical evacuation.
» REQUIRES a primary health plan in the US


» Choice of varying medical limits and deductibles
» For trips up to 6 months for ages 95 or younger
» Covers pre-existing conditions for medical evacuation.
» DOES NOT REQUIRE a health plan

Multi Trip Plans

Multi-Trip health and accident insurance for frequent travelers, available at two benefit levels, Choice and Essential.

» Up to $1,000,000 for sickness and accidents
» $500,000 medical evacuation benefit
» Coverage of COVID-19 testing and treatment
» Hospital care, surgery, office visits, prescription drugs and more
» Unlimited trips outside the U.S. in a 12 month period (70 days max. per trip)
» Covers pre-existing conditions for medical services and medical evacuation

International health insurance - covering inside & outside the U.S.

Customize your medical insurance plan to suit your international living needs. Define your deductible, pick your prescription drug level, and choose your doctor or hospital anywhere in the world in or out of our elite network of providers.

» Deductible is waived for office visits with doctors.
» No waiting periods associated with preventive services.
» Can be kept upon return home up to 9 months.
» Pre-existing condition waiting period can be eliminated with proof of prior creditable coverage.


International health insurance for crew, missionary or students

» Worldwide medical coverage.
» Select from a range of deductibles and rates.
» Choose providers either in or out of our elite network.

Trip Protection - Because travel plans can change... HTH are here for you

Travel insurance plans underwritten by Nationwide® to protect your vacation investment.

» Trip cancellation up to $5,000/Trip interruption up to 125% of trip cost
» $75,000 medical for sickness and injury/$500,000 medical transportation
» Coverage for sickness, injury or death of you or traveling companion, traffic accident, employer transfer and more…

» Trip cancellation up to $25,000/Trip interruption up to 150% of trip cost
» $250,000 medical for sickness and injury/$1,000,000 medical transportation
» Includes all TripProtector Economy coverages plus Natural disaster, terrorist incident and bankruptcy.

» Trip cancellation up to $50,000/Trip interruption up to 200% of trip cost
» $500,000 medical for sickness and injury/$1,000,000 medical transportation
» TripProtector Economy and Classic coverages plus Cancel for Any Reason (optional).

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