IMG – Global insurance for international citizens

IMG – Global insurance for international citizens


IMG operates 2 business units IMG Global based in the US and IMG Europe based in the UK. IMG are famous for having devoted their work to offer global health and expatriate health insurance, and first-class services to the worldwide community for many many years. IMG insights into the opportunities, excitement and challenges while travelling or moving abroad include that anything can happen while you’re away from home – both during short-term holidays/business trips or moving abroad for a few years or possibly indefinitely. At IMG they realize that while you are having the time of your life it is key to protect your financial situation by securing coverage that will help to meet the costs of unexpected sickness, accidents and medical crises. This is where you need to find a plan that meets your needs and although the availability of proper medical protection while overseas has increased still many plans are simply not designed for international travel and living.

IMG offer a very wide portfolio of high quality and competitively priced international private medical insurance plans along with travel medical insurance for holiday makers, business travelers and international students going abroad for a few weeks up to a few years – all supported by attentive and dedicated services. IMG’s ground-breaking policies and services are available to individuals, families and groups of any nationality – living, travelling or working – virtually anywhere in the world.

As a prospective client, whether you are a short-term explorer of the world for a few weeks, a scholar seeking coverage for a few months or years, an individual or family seeking long term protection in your new country or an organization or company seeking to protect your most important resource in form of your employees and their dependents, IMG’s online resources are extensive and provide comprehensive information on all the products and services on offer. Specific and full information on all the policies, plans, terms and exclusions as well as quick links to get you where you need to go, up-to-date coverage and claims information, and instant quotations is all well-structured and readily available to help you find exactly the product that you need to feel safe and secure should you end up needing medical attention.

GlobalFusion - International Private Health Insurance

The Global Fusion plan range is a long-term, comprehensive health plan for individuals and families, digital nomads, expatriates and global citizens who seek to protect themselves and their loved ones against the potentially high costs of medical treatment in case of accident or illness. Global Fusion has 3 unique sub-plan designs – Bronze, Silver and Gold Plus and offers optional add-on coverages: Dental & Vision Care, Maternity, Global Personal Accident Plan, Global Daily Indemnity, Terrorism, Sports coverage.

You can select the area of coverage to suit your specific needs and choices include Europe, worldwide or worldwide excluding the USA, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, Singapore and Taiwan. The plans allow for a choice of premium instalment payments as well as choice of currency. There are even several underwriting options to suit your needs. When covered under GlobalFusion you have the freedom to choose your specific medical provider to give you the care you so deserve and need in time of emergency. The plan also gives you access to two extensive provider networks and includes benefits such as Emergency Medical Evacuation, a medical Concierge Program within the USA and there are medical professionals available to coordinate your care.

As a member of the international community life is vibrant and exciting, yet you might meet challenges such as illness and accidents. Medical care while while roaming the world is of highest importance as you are often alone away from family and close long-term friend and the safety nets available at home. GlobalFusion can help to provide a part of your safety network while you are abroad with its revolutionary international medical setup provide by IMG Europe Ltd. GlobalFusion provides the well-designed international protection you need, backed by the support you expect. With great flexibility and many options available, GlobalFusion can be tailored to a policy that specifically meet your protection needs and budget. It is easy to compare all plans and options while learning about the about the unique services and the agile company that provides them.

GlobalFusion is structured to help you find the protection that meets your total needs. The different levels of coverage provide the flexibility and option to specifically choose from an array of unique plan options – each allowing you to design your unique plan. Considering your personal financial means, you can tailor your area of cover, have the option to choose from a wide range of annual excesses and there are 4 premium payment instalment options, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual. Considering your medical history, GlobalFusion provides a number of medical underwriting methods allowing IMG to provide protection to the international community that may have been denied by other insurers.

GlobalFusion is famed for a range of top-notch services. To optimize and maximize the results of your health care, the IMG in-house medical team assist your 24/7 and IMG’s comprehensive international hospital networks are readily available at any time you might be in need of medical care. IMG’s department of international claims assessors handle hundreds of thousands of claims each year from all over the world in virtually every currency and, when eligible, IMG will settle your claims swiftly, and in majority of cases, when you are staying at a hospital requiring inpatient care IMG can arrange to settle the medical bill directly with the health provider.

IMG’s secure, online service tools help you to save time while managing your policy and if needed you can contact IMG’s service centers in the UK and US who are available when you need them – by phone, email or online.

When selecting GlobalFusion, you have reliable and trustworthy international health insurance which enables you to sleep well at night knowing you are in good hands should anything unexpected happen. IMG Europe Ltd’s are dedicated to deliver exceptional medical care coverage, health assistance and service specifically set up to deliver Global Peace of Mind®.

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