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Integra Global is a different breed of health plan provider. Smaller, more flexible, and personal, they create tailored plans for expats, marine professionals, and anyone else with unique insurance needs. Unusual lives require a different sort of insurance. If you’re an expat or a marine professional, you need insurance built around you.

That’s where Integra Global comes in. Like their customers, they see the world differently. They’re not one of the world’s biggest names, and they don’t rely on sheer scale to steamroller their way to success. Instead, they’ve built their business on flexibility, innovation, and the radical idea of treating every customer as an individual. They listen carefully to people’s needs and develop intelligent policies that answer them.

Integra Global is an uncommon company, for uncommon people. They believe passionately in partnerships. Strong, sustainable partnerships, rooted in a deep understanding of people’s needs. Each one starts with a conversation. By listening to their customers, they can offer them genuinely useful products and services, with the right balance of protection and value. They believe conversations like this are the foundation of any true partnership.

That may sound simple. It is simple. But without Integra Global’s unique, flexible approach, it would be impossible. As a company built by expats, Integra Global understands the pressures and risks you face working away from home. They use this understanding to develop specialist policies that offer the tailored protection you need.

You never quite know what’s around the corner. That’s why, unlike many expat products, theirs aren’t built up of modules you have to put together yourself. That’s their job. Their comprehensive, integrated policies come with everything you need built in.

That doesn’t mean they’re inflexible. Far from it. They understand your needs are different from everyone else’s, and they’ll work with you to create a bespoke plan that includes everything you need – whether that’s 24/7 medical evacuation cover, or worldwide, hassle-free access to outpatient services. Comprehensive, flexible cover, built around your needs. Why doesn’t all insurance work this way?

As a family, you’re more than a collection of individuals. You’re a team. And you want a simple, integrated insurance plan that works for all of you, together. That’s exactly what Integra Global’s family health plans provide. They’ve thought carefully about what expat families need, and created policies that are perfect for them – offering things like generous maternity cover, and vaccinations for adults and children.

Then there’s their unique family deductible. If you choose this option, instead of having separate deductibles for each person, there’s just one for all of you. That helps make sure everyone gets the quickest possible access to health benefits – and it saves you money. It’s just another way they think differently, to create uniquely responsive insurance.

If you’re a marine professional, you have very specific insurance needs. Your work is often physical, exposing you to unusual risks. And it’s almost impossible to predict where in the world you might be when you need care. That’s why Integra Global has created specific insurance for marine professionals, distinct from their plans for other expats. They’ve built this cover from the ground up, working closely with people in the marine industries. So it offers things marine professionals really need – like convalescence cover. This ensures that, if you fall ill at sea, you have proper time to recover.

CORE – Integra Global’s basic plan for affordable peace of mind

The InCare plans give you all-encompassing inpatient health cover. Ensuring you that you have great protection with extensive benefits not found in similar offerrings. Intelligently packaged to meet the needs of your international lifestyle, at an affordable price.

COMPREHENSIVE - Integra Global’s mid-range plan for peace of mind

The comprehensive plans for individuals and families give you outstanding benefits at a price that is difficult to beat. It is hard to find what we left out to keep you healthy, fit and protected.

PREMIUM - Integra Global’s top-range plan for complete peace of mind at a great price

If you want the best health cover but don’t want to pay and arm and a leg for it, then Integra Global’s Premier plans are made to order for you. Simple to understand yet extensive protection, convenience and service

The above comprehensive and premium plans are both available as a family plan with added benefits such as maternity for family planning and peace of mind.

Integra Global Group plans – for smart organization caring for their employees

Integra Global has developed a range of plans to cover the diverse requirements of businesses employing expats. Having that choice means you get all the benefits of flexibility, without sacrificing the convenience of off-the-shelf products.

It’s a simpler, more intelligent way to look after the people who work for you.

If you’re a marine professional, you have very specific insurance needs. Your work is often physical, exposing you to unusual risks. And it’s almost impossible to predict where in the world you might be when you need care.

That’s why Integra Global created the MarineSure range of plans. To find out more click below to inquire us about this specific solution for Marine professionals.


Energy professionals can be exposed to unique risks, with assignments and work often being carried out in challenging, isolating and unusual circumstances.

Integra Global’s understand the energy sector and have unique capabilities to serve the healthcare needs of your staff. Learn more about how we can tailor a plan for your company’s needs by getting in touch.

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