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MarineSure – A unique health plan for a unique profession


Marine professionals face unique challenges and risks in their work, which is why it’s important to have insurance coverage that is tailored to their specific needs. The MarineSure insurance plan is designed specifically for marine, offshore, and seafarer professionals, offering customized protection and benefits to meet the demands of your work on the water.

With simplified cover regions, specialized medical assistance and evacuation, and comprehensive coverage, MarineSure is designed to keep you safe and healthy, no matter where in the world you are. Whether you work onshore or offshore, MarineSure has you covered with a range of benefits designed to keep you fit and able to do what you love. Protect yourself and your family with a watertight insurance plan for you as an individual or for your corporate group of crew you want to protect and keep safe.

MarineSure understand that people with unique insurance needs require flexible, tailored coverage to meet their specific requirements. That’s why MarineSure specialize in providing health insurance plans that are customized to fit the needs of marine professionals, seafarers and offshore crews who may face unusual challenges or risks in their work or personal lives. The goal is to help you get the protection you need, not to be a global household name.

Our coverage options for marine professionals, seafarers and offshore crews include return to fitness benefits, long-term convalescence in your home country, and companion travel cover. If you are signed off from your vessel for medical treatment and unable to return to work, MarineSure can provide you with coverage to help you get back to full health. And if you need to undergo a long period of convalescence, MarineSure offer home country coverage for up to 12 months. MarineSure also provide companion travel cover if you are admitted to the hospital outside of your home country for five days or more, allowing you to have a member of your crew, a friend, or a family member accompany you to and from the vessel and provide overnight accommodation. With MarineSure, you can get the protection you need to take care of your health and MarineSurell-being.

MarinSure – Individual plans for marine professionals, seafarers and offshore crews

The MarineSure comprehensive health insurance plans offer a range of benefits to ensure that you are covered for all of your healthcare needs. From routine checkups and mental health appointments to prescription costs and evacuation and repatriation, MarineSure have you covered. The plans also offer preventative care to ensure that you don’t have to wait to seek treatment. HoMarineSurever, if you don’t need all of these benefits, MarineSure also offer plans that cover just the essentials.

The MarineSure plans are designed to be flexible, allowing you to customize your coverage with options such as setting your deductible at a level that works for you. A high deductible means a loMarineSurer premium but less coverage, while a low deductible means a higher premium but more protection.

One of the standout features of our insurance is the global coverage. MarineSure offer direct settlement with hospitals worldwide and have convenient direct billing networks in many countries, providing cashless access to outpatient services such as doctor visits, exams, lab fees, and prescription drugs. This means you can feel safe and secure no matter where you are traveling.

2 Plan options for individuals - MarineSure Currents or Advantages

The MarineSure Currents plan has been thoughtfully designed to provide comprehensive yet affordable care While the MarineSure Advantages plan, you’ll benefit from the very best care, wherever you are – from a private room during any hospital stay, to free regular checkups, and much more.

MarineSure for Groups – health plans for offshore crew, marine professionals and seafarers

MarineSure understands the unique healthcare needs of marine professionals and the people who employ them. The health insurance plans offer a range of benefits to keep your crew healthy and control costs. These benefits include return to fitness coverage, which allows crew members who are signed off for medical treatment to rejoin the vessel at the next port of call or return to their home country, long-term convalescence in the home country for up to 12 months, and companion travel coverage for a member of crew who is admitted to a hospital outside of their home country for 5 days or more.

The MarineSure health insurance plans for groups offer a range of flexible benefits to meet the needs of your crew. These benefits include the unique Crew Assistance Program, which helps crew members deal with personal and work issues while on board a vessel, as well as three tiered plans to suit everyone’s needs, ranging from top-tier benefits with our Channels Premier plan to a balance of great care and lower overall cost with our Channels Essential and Channels Complete plans. These health plans offer excellent value and help keep your crew happy, healthy, and productive.

All of the MarineSure health plans are comprehensive, covering everyday needs like checkups and prescriptions, as well as serious medical emergencies. They also offer global protection, ensuring that your crew is covered wherever they go and whatever they do. Some of the benefits included in every MarineSure health plan are hospital and inpatient services, outpatient services, medical evacuation and emergency assistance, prescriptions, chronic condition treatment, diagnostic and therapeutic services, physical therapy, and our unique Crew Assistance Program.

In addition to these benefits, MarineSure offers direct settlement with hospitals worldwide and convenient direct billing networks in many countries, providing cashless access to outpatient services such as doctor visits, exams, lab fees, and prescription drugs. We also offer e-health services and a Member ID Card to make accessing care easy, as well as two regions of cover: Cover 1, which includes worldwide coverage including the US and Canada, and Cover 2, which includes worldwide coverage excluding the US and Canada. We also offer composite rate region cover, which provides full protection worldwide based on the vessel’s itinerary, so you only pay for coverage when your crew is in a specific region.

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