Morgan Price - Global thinking, personal care

Morgan Price - Global thinking, personal care


Morgan Price is a trustworthy, reliable, small and personal international healthcare company, providing security for global citizens and digital nomads with easy to understand and attractively priced medical insurance products. The small team prides itself with big company values and are committed to treating their customers as individuals.
Personalized Service is a key company value and not all products suit every need, and with many years’ experiences in international private medical insurance, the team at Morgan Price take great care in ensure the policy suits your needs. When you need to submit a claim care will be given so that you are guided by a person the process. Hassle-Free Claims & 24/7 Support is a key feature of the Evolution Health plan that allows you to submit claims and, if eligible, have them reimbursed without any impact on your policy price. The Morgan Price claims team are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A great benefit of selecting a Morgan Price policy is that although competitively priced, also the lower-level plans cover full cancer treatment (at time of writing).

International Private Healthcare Insurance for individuals and families

Morgan Price offer 5 great plans with their evolution health range of plans. Each plan offers different levels of coverage from basic inpatient and full cancer coverage with the Standard plan to a fully fledge comprehensive alternative with the Elite plan that includes inpatient, outpatient, maternity, dental, wellness/health checks, vaccinations, vision, laser eye benefit, hearing tests and aids and evacuation plus the optional repatriation benefit.

Evolution Health is an international private medical insurance product that facilitates an easier and more cost-effective way for mobile and international citizens including digital nomads to find and buy the level of protection they require and that meets each client’s budget. Morgan Price has developed more than two decades and so has their knowledge base and view of how great plans for great people should be designed.

Evolution health is a virtually global policy designed for international citizens, expatriates, digital nomads, seafarers roaming international waters as well as local nationals – meaning people who live and/or work inside their home country as well as their eligible dependents. The exception is local nationals of the United States of America.

The Evolution health policy is not available to persons or in countries where it would breach any sanction, or where it is prohibited by law or local legislation.

The evolution range have 3 distinct but very similar product ranges for each region that so require and they these areas/regions are Europe, Asia Pacific for residents of Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Timor-Leste or Vietnam. Residents of these countries should apply for an Evolution Health Plan (Asia Pacific). Finally the ROW or Rest Of the World region/area has its own product and literature.

It should be noted that this policy is not available to residents of Cuba, Iran, Ireland, Mauritius, North Korea, United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates.
This expatriate health insurance plan has been designed to be as flexible as possible whilst remaining as straightforward as possible for all of our business partners to sell, and their clients to purchase.

The following core elements are included/applies to all the 5 levels of cover:

» In-patient and day-patient treatment
» Cancer cover
» Emergency Evacuation benefit
» Use of any hospital within your area of cover

The levels of cover then increase with each step up in plan level and value and cover elements including out-patient treatment, routine dental and routine maternity are progressively added to the coverage.

The evolution health plans can be made more affordable by applying an excess/deductible and Morgan Price use an annual amount per person per policy year. The options are USD, GBP or Euro nil, 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2500, 5000, 7500 and 1000 respectively and they give a discount from 5 % to 60 % on the annual premium payable for your policy.

The Evolution Health plans are welcoming new applications and is also a good choice for potential customers wishing to switch their current insurance to a Morgan Price plan.


International Private Medical Insurance for groups and organizations

Morgan price offers corporate plans to organizations, embassies, schools and companies that desire to ensure their employees and members are protected against the potentially high medical bills that could lead to financial disaster on top of a personal/family disaster that a serious illness such as cancer or accident means.

Depending on where your business is based, Morgan Price offers a solution that will meet and hopefully exceed your needs.

Within Europe the Evolution Health Plan is available starting with only a requirement of 3 employees and of course you can add your dependents to the coverage. The Evolution Plan has five levels of cover, all covering in-patient, cancer and medical evacuation. As the levels increase the number of benefits available increase.

The Global Options Plan is available for organizations based in the rest of the world outside Europe. Global options modular buildup offers you a great way to tailor your plan and you can design a plan that more or less exactly meets your needs, desires and not least budget. The core product includes the minimum coverage that you should provide for the members of your organization offering in-patient, cancer and medical evac. The Global Options plan is also available from only 2 employees although in certain circumstances more employees may be needed. For smaller groups a full medical declaration would be needed and MHD (Medical History Disregarded can in some cases be provided from only 5 employees and is virtually guaranteed from 10 employees although Morgan Price will ask for details of any ongoing medical conditions particularly for cancer, back, heart and lungs.

Morgan Price have claims located across the world to ensure your claim is attended to in a timely manner and you have access to an around the clock emergency number managed by a

Third Party that has been contracted for this task. You will have access to BrokerFish excellent support and Morgan Price will appoint an key account manager that will handle your group policy, this ensures full dedicated support on any issues that may arise, including arranging treatment guarantees for urgent cases.

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