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MSH International – A strong Medical Insurance Solution with French Origins


For over 45 years, MSH has been designing and providing health and life insurance solutions for globally mobile individuals and groups, including employees of multinational companies, international organizations, and small and medium enterprises. With a strong track record in business development, serving more than half of the CAC 40 and 10% of Fortune 500 companies, MSH has a global presence with 5 regional offices and 21 local service offices, as well as a network of over 1 million medical providers. In addition, MSH has established itself as a leader in global employee benefits, with over 2,000 corporate clients.

MSH International is a subsidiary of the DIOT-SIACI Group, a leading provider of insurance brokerage and consulting services in Europe. With over 5,000 employees worldwide, the group serves large, mid-sized, and small businesses, helping them manage risks related to property and casualty, marine and cargo, employee benefits, retirement, employee savings, total rewards, and international mobility. DIOT-SIACI has a strong financial foundation and prestigious shareholders, including the BURRUS GROUP, Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan Board, Bpifrance, Cathay Capital, the Mubadala Investment Company, and Ardian. The group also holds leading positions in several insurance sectors in France, including group health and life insurance, group pension plans, marine logistics and supply chain, and jewelry and diamonds. In 2021, DIOT-SIACI reported a turnover of €730M and insured 5 million individuals.

For over 40 years, MSH International has been providing specialized healthcare coverage for internationally mobile individuals, including repatriation, third-party liability, and life and disability insurance. With 5 customer centers located in Paris, Tunis, Dubai, Shanghai, and Toronto, and a network of over 1 million healthcare partners in more than 400,000 insured members, MSH International have the resources and expertise to support you wherever you are. The MSH International team is available 24/7 in over 40 languages to answer any questions you may have and help you choose the right international insurance plan for your needs. Whether you are traveling solo or as a family, for a short or extended period of time, MSH International will assist you in planning and settling into your new location abroad.

MSH International offers a range of services to assist you with managing your healthcare needs. With the MSH International members’ area, you can easily and securely manage your plan. This includes submitting and tracking claims for reimbursement, making precertification requests to avoid large cash advances for hospitalizations or other treatments, printing insurance certificates or cards, and accessing service providers around the world. Additionally, our members have access to second medical opinions from our doctors and nurses, as well as medical teleconsultation services.

For your convenience, you can also use the MSH International app to submit claims for reimbursement directly from your phone with just a photo of your medical bill. Our team is available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns you may have.


To ensure the best protection against potential health risks when traveling abroad, consider the following steps:

» Take out international health insurance to cover medical expenses in your host country.
» Assemble a first aid kit based on the recommendations of your doctor.
» Consult with a specialist about the health conditions in your destination country.
» Visit your primary care doctor and any other specialists you regularly see (dentist, ophthalmologist, orthodontist, etc.) for a medical check-up before your trip.
» Scan your medical prescriptions and bring them, as well as any necessary medication, with you on your trip.
» If needed, purchase new glasses or stock up on contact lenses.
» Get the required vaccinations for your destination several months in advance, allowing time for booster shots if needed.


Teleconsultation is a convenient way to connect with a doctor who speaks your language, no matter where you are located. In partnership with Eutelmed and Médecin Direct, two leading telemedicine providers, MSH International offers medical teleconsultations with general practitioners and specialists such as dermatologists, psychiatrists, and speech therapists. These doctors are trained in remote consultations and authorized to issue international prescriptions.

Teleconsultation offers several benefits, including the ability to schedule appointments at any time, 24/7, and the ability to receive a medical certificate or international prescription if needed. These services are provided through secure platforms that ensure the protection of your data and medical confidentiality. Teleconsultations are reimbursed in the same way as in-person consultations, with coverage identical to face-to-face consultations in a doctor’s office.

FIRST’EXPAT+ - MSH International solution for individuals and families

Cover your entire family under your plan and customize the benefits in line with your needs (vision, dental and maternity) and the cost of healthcare in your country of expatriation. If you’re a member of the Caisse des Français de l’Étranger, FIRST’Expat+ is available as a top-up to the CFE (RELAIS’Expat+).

Core benefits: Hospitalization and medical evacuation, Medical expenses, Third-party liability and legal assistance

Your options: Vision/Dental, Maternity, Assistance/Repatriation

4 levels of coverage: Quartz – your expenses up to €400,000, Pearl – your expenses up to €800,000, Sapphire – your expenses up to €1,600,000 and Diamond – your expenses up to €2,400,000.


If you’re planning to move to the United States, there are a few steps you should take before you go, including completing administrative formalities in your home country, applying for a visa, and arranging accommodation. It’s also important to research Social Security benefits you may be entitled to once you arrive. With healthcare costs in the US being high, with a consultation with a general practitioner costing around $100 and a day in the hospital costing over $800, it’s crucial to choose the right expat healthcare coverage. Whether you’re going alone or as a family, and whether you’ll be there for a short or extended period, MSH International offers insurance coverage specifically designed for the US to ensure you have the protection you need. Contact us now and let us know you are going to the US and want MSH International!

MSH INTERNATIONAL - Global health solutions for employers

MSH Intenational offer 3 distinct solution for companies of various sizes we here at BrokerFish help you design the right health insurance plan with MSH to protect your employees and support the growth and development of your company worldwide.

1 – 3 Employees: Expat+ is a customizable insurance solution that allows you to select the modules and options that best meet your needs as an expatriate. The plan offers four levels of coverage to choose from, depending on the specific features of your destination country and your personal needs. You can also add various options, such as dental/vision coverage, maternity benefits, and repatriation coverage. In addition, you have the choice to add standalone life and disability benefits or to include them in your health insurance plan.

4 to 49 Employees: BusinessExpat is a highly modular solution were you select the elements suited to the needs for your specific situation and budget. Modules include:

Rest assured: our solutions provide the best possible care for your employees and their families in case of accident or emergency.

We anticipate all of your employees’ routine healthcare needs so they are as well protected as in their home country.

Our health insurance plan covers your employees in the event of injury or damage to third parties anywhere in the world.

Add this option to allow your employees and their families to benefit from the same level of dental treatments and vision care as in their home country.

Add this option to help your employees make plans for the future.

Give your employees the peace of mind to grow knowing that MSH will protect them and support them in all circumstances.

50+ Employees: MSH International offer a fully tailored solution to companies with employee count above 50. This means you can tailor each specific element of your plan to suit your company down to the fine print of a policy.

Contact us here at BrokerFish today to find out how we can help in designing your MHS International solution.

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