Optimum Global – New provider a wealth of experience

Optimum Global – New provider a wealth of experience


Optimum Global is a fairly new provider in the International Private Medical Insurance market supported by a strong team of senior executives with a wealth of knowledge they have created a new, trustworthy and exciting alternative to secure your health and wellbeing. Finding the right policy can be a challenging process weather you are a digital nomad, have retired abroad or is an expatriate or professional spending majority of your time abroad. Optimum Global might be just the solution you are looking for as their long-combined experience supports your decision making by understanding the market, talking you through the various options on offer and eventually matches your specific requirements with your needs and budget. Optimum Global do specialize in international insurance and whether you are looking for a Global Healthcare product for you and your family or your company and its employees, Life and Disability cover to protect your family should you die or a group Income Protection plan for your business – Optimum Global may be your perfect match.

International Health Insurance

Medical facilities and practices vary from country to country and with an Optimum Global health plan you can access first class treatment and facilities anywhere in the world. Whether you are looking to cover yourself, your family or your business, Optimum Global present a range of options that can be shaped to your specific needs, location and budget. Optimum Global also have considerable experience in supporting people from specialist industry sectors and they recognize that these people often have very specific needs and Optimum Global use their knowledge and know-how to provide the right level of health cover.

Some of the key features of Optimum Globality’s medical insurance plans are:

» Three levels of cover to choose from
» Full in-patient cover on all plans
» Full cover for cancer treatments on all plans
» Full cover for in-patient psychiatric treatments on all plans
» Full cover for in-patient physiotherapy on all plans
» Emergency evacuation and repatriation cover on all plans
» Full out-patient cover on all enhanced plans
» Maternity cover on enhanced plans
» Optional dental cover on enhanced plans

Group Life & Disability insurance

If you’re looking to recruit, retain and better reward your employees, Optimum Global provides a tailored Group Life & Disability insurance that secures your employees financial future should they suffer a sever accident or illness so they cannot continue working. The policy pays out a fixed lump sum in the event of an employee’s death or disability and ensures that their family is always protected financially. Different levels of cover available, which are competitively priced and available to companies of all different shapes and sizes.

Group Income Protection

The Group Income Protection plans provided by Optimum Global are an ideal way to show your employees that you care about their welfare. If an employee suffer an accident or illness that prevents them from working, the income protection plan ensures your employee can maintain a good level of income during their recovery. In short, rather than worrying about how they are going to pay the bills, they can focus on getting better.

Table of Benefits

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