Pacific Cross

Pacific Cross - Expertise and Experience

Expertise and Experience

Pacific Cross boasts over 65 years of expertise and experience in travel and health insurance. They offer coverage for both business and leisure travel. Whatever your needs, Pacific Cross has you covered.

Customizable Plans

Pacific Cross provides a range of insurance plans, from basic inpatient coverage to full-service insurance. They cater to individuals, families, and groups, with both short- and long-term plans available. Each plan is customizable, ensuring a perfect fit for every client.

Health Insurance for Expats

For those living abroad, Pacific Cross offers comprehensive health insurance. These plans cover everything from inpatient treatment and emergencies to extensive outpatient care. Choose from different insurance levels to find your ideal coverage.

Pacific Cross Health Insurance

Annual Medical Insurance Plans

Consider one of the following Pacific Cross insurance plans to enjoy security and safety based on their expertise and experience.

Major Medical Plan

The Major Medical plan covers mainly inpatient treatment and emergencies. It allows free choice of doctors and hospitals, ensuring policyholders can access preferred medical care. It also includes coverage for recreational sports, direct payment to hospitals, and 24-hour worldwide emergency assistance. Guaranteed renewability is a key feature, regardless of age, medical condition, or location.

Standard Plan

The Standard Plan offers flexible coverage with the option to add extras. It includes 100% coverage for ER, ICU, and operating room expenses. The plan provides private room and board in many countries, as well as comprehensive emergency benefits. Optional benefits such as dental and vision coverage, travel coverage, and personal accident benefits can be added.

Premier Plan

Pacific Cross’s Premier Plan offers major coverage at affordable premiums. With two versions available, it provides extensive coverage for medical expenses, including room and board, surgeon’s fees, and organ transplants. The plan also covers HIV/AIDS care, maternity benefits, and emergency services. Additional benefits include travel coverage and flexible discount options.

Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan offers full coverage for expatriates. It includes inpatient treatment, organ transplants, HIV/AIDS care, home nursing, rehabilitation, oncology treatments, hospice care, psychiatric care, and more. Immediate coverage for newborns and full emergency benefits, including accident dental treatment and local ambulance services, are also provided.

Travel Insurance Plans

Annual Travel Plan

Designed for frequent travelers and business executives, this plan provides unlimited overseas trip coverage for up to 90 days per trip throughout the year. It includes personal accident benefits up to US$250,000 and comprehensive medical coverage for expenses arising from illness or accidental injury during travels.

Bon Voyage Plan

The Bon Voyage Plan offers flexible travel insurance with no deductible for most benefits, including winter sports and adventurous activities. It provides coverage for baggage and personal effects, including laptops and tablets, ensuring peace of mind during your travels.

Industry-Specific Solutions for Businesses

Customizable Group Plans

Pacific Prime offers industry-specific solutions for businesses and group trips. Clients can choose between basic and full coverage and easily switch between plans. The modular insurance system allows businesses to start with basic coverage and add features later.

Award-Winning Service

Pacific Prime is an award-winning insurance provider, recognized for their excellence in COVID-19 response and many other areas. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and comprehensive coverage makes them a trusted choice for insurance needs worldwide.


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