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Regency for Expats is a provider of comprehensive international health insurance plans designed for globally mobile individuals throughout more than 120 countries. Our services are designed to help you – our customers – understand the risks of living overseas and to provide cost effective solutions that will offer protection for your employees, loved ones and family members. In simple terms, Regency exist to help you. Regency for Expats is part of the international insurance and finance company – Regency Assurance – an organisation that brings together a tradition of financial strength and security with a forward thinking and customer focused approach to the underwriting and management of insurance and pension programs.

As the preeminent provider of insurance and pension solutions to individuals, companies and governmental organisations around the world, Regency Assurance is recognised for its ability to implement risk managed and results driven solutions. With licenses to carry out multiple insurance and pension lines of business the company’s position within the global financial industry has led the company to be considered by many as the first port of call for integrated financial risk management products and services. Today, Regency for Expats products can be found in over 120 countries around the world, with its influence on international financial markets and business practices going beyond those geographical jurisdictions.

Regency Assurance has been recognised for its truly global reach and its ability to implement worldwide solutions that have not only provided international consistency for clients but have also ensured that insured persons can receive peace of mind that coverage is able to reflect their environment no matter where they are in the world. This international experience has been especially beneficial for the expatriate community where global mobility is a key characteristic of their lives and the need for cross-border financial solutions.

With over 10,000 insurance and financial services agents around the world, Regency for Expats has been able to establish itself as the preferred choice for the international community, with industry professionals trusting Regency to deliver the protection that their clients require. In addition, Regency for Expats has developed a global support network for clients that means wherever they are in the world, they will be able to feel confident that their family’s future financial security is protected and their needs supported.

As part of Regency Assurance, a regulated insurance and financial services company, clients can be confident that Regency for Expats products and services are delivered on a foundation of financial strength and security that is supported throughout by a customer focused ethos of trust and fairness. Compliance towards international insurance and financial services standards is at the very heart of the company which operates under long term insurance licenses issued, maintained and monitored through the Nevis Financial Services Regulatory Commission. This not only ensures that the company’s practices adhere to highest international standards but that Regency for Expats is able to meet all liabilities financially whilst sustaining sufficient margins of solvency.

These regulatory standards have been put in place to lower the burden of risk for insured persons and dramatically increase the financial security that they receive when arranging their insurance programs. Regency for Expats’ attitude towards building financial security and confidence has seen the company instigate an auditable practice. This means that Regency for Expats is able to meet any financial liabilities incurred through the provision of its insurance coverage and has a sustainable financial capacity to meet its operational responsibilities.

Regency for Expats’ customer focused philosophy has placed the company in a position to be recognised by many as a provider of excellence. This position is reflected through the levels of customer satisfaction with Regency consistently achieving a rating of over 98% amongst its international client base.

Regency for Expats Medical Insurance

Regency offers 4 different plan levels starting with the Major Medical plan followed by Standard, Comprehensive and Fully Comprehensive each of which add benefits and increases limits of reimbursable amounts.

The Major Medical plan is probably one of the most affordable and cheapest plans on the market and it should be noted that coverage is limited but to offer a great alternative for those on a severely restricted budget to purchase international medical insurance at a price hard to beat.

The Standard and Comprehensive plans offers mid-range coverage at affordable levels and the fully comprehensive plan is a great budget alternative for those who wants coverage for additional benefits such as wellbeing, dental. It should be noted that the Chronic benefit is very limited and there is no coverage on the major medical and standard plans while the Comprehensive plan includes USD 1,000 and the Fully Comprehensive plan includes USD 10,000 of coverage.
It is essential to read the policy wording in conjunction with the table of benefits for each of the 4 plans offered by Regency for Expatriates. The plans includes coverage for some or all of the following benefits depending on your choices and selections when taking out the specific plan suitable for you.

Inpatient Benefits

Being admitted into hospital for treatment of an injury or an illness can be a daunting time not only for the patient but for their friends and family too. Regency’s range of international health insurance plans all include inpatient benefits to ensure that this unique environment is experienced with the full backing and support of one of the world’s premier insurance companies. With a team of qualified and experienced professionals behind the scenes, members can be confident that their admission will receive the upmost focus and attention and that no matter where they are in the world, Regency’s 24-hour assistance service will be on hand to help them through this daunting time. Having medically trained personnel on hand, Regency is ideally placed to contribute to the entire journey of a hospital admission including pre-authorising and paying hospital bills, being on hand to liaise with hospital staff throughout their stay to being discharged.

Outpatient Benefits

From an everyday cold to cuts and bruises, visiting an outpatient clinic or general practitioner for treatment and medication is common place for those within the international, globally mobile community. Receiving this treatment quickly is essential and Regency’s outpatient benefits ensure that the cost of this does not become an additional burden for members. In addition to this, Regency’s claims reimbursement process has been simplified to allow patients to receive a speedy payment for their covered expenses and has been streamlined to reflect their “on the go” lifestyle including the ability to scan and email claims to Regency for reimbursement without the need for original forms and receipts. Regency’s fast track claims team recognises the need for efficient payments and is able to adjudicate claims in a manner that puts customer service at the forefront.

Wellbeing Benefits

Regency’s suite of wellbeing benefits help members to stay healthy longer and maximize quality of life by giving them access to a number of preventative healthcare measures that can identify health issues early. By detecting problems prior to feeling the effects of their symptoms, members can receive appropriate treatment before illnesses worsen and by picking up early signs of sickness, they are given more time to plan the ideal course for overcoming illnesses. From annual medical health check-ups and eye tests to coverage for vaccinations, Regency’s wellbeing benefits are an essential element of a comprehensive health insurance plan and allow members to feel confident that their overall health is being guarded.

Dental Benefits

Good dental health not only protects the integrity of teeth but ensures smiles remain bright for years to come. Regency’s range of dental benefits have been designed to comprehensively cover a multitude of dental needs so that members can feel secure that their teeth will get the right attention along with their overall healthcare needs. Whilst many dental plans are limited in their scope of benefits, Regency has enabled its dental elements to extend across the spectrum of needs and includes coverage following accidents with Emergency Dental treatment to more complex work included within Major Dental treatment down to the more lifestyle oriented requirements contained within Routine Dental. Overall, Regency’s plans are ideal for those wishing to simply apply the additional coverage of dental benefits without the need to purchase separate standalone dental insurance.

Global Security Benefits

In an ever turbulent global security environment, Regency’s unique approach allows members to trust that whilst they travel and reside around the world, their international health insurance coverage caters for many of the potential dangers that they may face. Whilst many insurance programs available in the market specifically exclude claims relating to terrorism and security based events, Regency has developed generous benefits that mean that these concerns can be addressed. Through Regency’s team of dedicated security and risk management personnel, the health insurance coverage is able to deliver benefits tailored for terrorism, hostage negotiation, hijacking and mugging and the service delivery of these means that all members can live, work and travel globally with the peace of mind that Regency is there to support them.

Psychology Benefits

Living and travelling overseas can give members the opportunity to enjoy new and exciting experiences, however, with these unfamiliar environments can come added stress and the need for additional healthcare support. As part of an overall, comprehensive and holistic approach to supporting the entirety of the medical needs of members, Regency has extended coverage within all plan options to include services under their Psychology Benefits. With global access to teams of highly trained psychology specialists, Regency members can be just a phone call away from vital counselling and coaching that can strengthen their overall wellbeing and confidence whilst away from their home country.

International Assistance Benefits

As one of the premier concierge level international health insurance providers, Regency’s comprehensive balance of services ensure total support for members wherever they may be in the world and no matter their individual set of circumstances. Having access to local knowledge and experience from a global health provider can prove vital in the event of an injury or illness and through Regency’s international assistance benefits, members can receive treatment knowing that total support can be given to them. From general information and advice to the placement of “Guarantee of Payment” to medical facilities and arrangement of further treatment, Regency’s 24-hour global assistance benefits are the ultimate in customer care.

Evacuation & Repatriation Benefits

Recognizing that not all medical facilities in all global locations meet the highest levels of medical care or have the ability to cope with the more complex treatment needs, Regency’s evacuation and repatriation benefits are an important element of establishing the right, tailored healthcare plan. In the event that emergency treatment is not readily available at the place of the injury or illness, Regency can transport members to the nearest appropriate medical facility. As an optional benefit to all of Regency’s international health insurance plans, members can choose to include evacuation and repatriation as they see fit and determine and influence the overall structure and cost of their coverage.

Regency for Expats Life insurance

Regency for Expats offers Life Insurance policies to globally mobile individuals in over 120 countries. These policies are designed to be a part of your long-term financial planning, providing cost-effective protection for you, your employees, and their family members in case of an untimely death.

If you experience a loss, your loved ones can rely on a dedicated team to handle the practical and financial issues that come with it, no matter where you are in the world. This can give you peace of mind knowing that your family will be taken care of, even if you are not there to support them.

Death Benefit
When you take out Regency for Expats Life Insurance the amount of benefit will be agreed and specified within the Certificate of Insurance. The Death Benefit is a vital part of financial planning that can provide peace of mind to your loved ones and family members who have been left behind. Regency’s Death Benefit is designed to provide your beneficiary with an income that will allow them to maintain their lifestyle, thereby removing the worry of financial hardship. If the beneficiary is no longer living, the payment will go to your estate in the event of your death.

Upfront Payment
Regency for Expats’ Life Insurance policies are designed to help your beneficiaries from the very first instance. Most claims are settled in full in less than 90 days (unless further information or clarification is required). Beneficiaries in unfamiliar surroundings at the time of your death will need access to financial assistance to pay for flights and legal expenses; issues with visas, unaccompanied children and red tape may need to be addressed. Within 24-48 hours of receiving official confirmation of your death, Regency will pay 10% of the sum insured to cover these expenses, thereby avoiding unnecessary financial hardship at such a sensitive time.

Child Chaperone
Regency for Expats’ Life Insurance is the only policy to include Child Chaperone payments within its cover. It is vital that both you and your beneficiaries have peace of mind that in the event of your death, there will be both financial and practical assistance available to ensure the orphaned children are taken care of and don’t become a ward of court. Money will be made available to cover travel expenses to allow next of kin or guardians to collect the children.

Bereavement Counselling
The death of a loved one is a devastating experience which can affect people in many different ways. Regency for Expats offers a valuable Bereavement Counselling service to help family members come to terms with their loss. Beneficiaries are just a phone call away from highly trained Counselling specialists, providing access to vital support in such an emotional time. The policy includes:

» Access to a 24-hour Bereavement Counselling Helpline
» Practical advice
» Counselling by telephone
» Confidential Psychotherapy and Counselling in the event of the death

Mortal Remains Repatriation
In simple terms, Regency for Expats Life Insurance covers the policy holder for the costs associated with repatriating your body to your home country and administrative requirements. Regency’s Mortal Remains Repatriation service releases funds and provides access to a team of experienced international advisors. Working in accordance with religious sensitivities, cultural requirements and local laws, the access to upfront funds, support and advice can relieve your loved ones from the unnecessary worry of dealing with the costs of repatriation at such a stressful time.
Regency’s Mortal Remains Repatriation also includes advice regarding:
» Clearing customs
» Transportation
» Liaising with local police
» Assistance in dealing with red tape
» Liaising with home country port authorities

Regency for Expats Life insurance

Regency Assurance is a licensed insurance company that is regulated by the FSRC (Financial Services Regulatory Commission). As a member of Regency Assurance, you can be confident that your team’s employee benefits programs are backed by a strong foundation of financial stability and security.

Regency Employee Benefits insurance policies offer the most comprehensive coverage, along with exclusive complimentary benefits and services. As a group administrator, you can rest assured that your employees are protected and in good hands.

Regency’s employee benefits programs offer top-quality international health insurance for your employees around the world. Our policies provide comprehensive coverage and services to ensure that your staff receive the best care possible.

In addition to standard coverage, our programs include a range of exclusive benefits such as psychology coverage, fitness and nutrition benefits, and global security services. As a company, you can have confidence that your employees are well taken care of with Regency.

Save money with group discounts through Regency’s employee benefits programs. These programs offer comprehensive coverage with increased benefits and services, providing greater protection for your employees. As a long-term licensed insurance company, Regency ensures peace of mind for both you and your employees. With our policies, you can feel secure knowing that you are protected.

Regency’s international life insurance offers total protection and security for your employees. These policies provide the most comprehensive benefits and services, including upfront payments, child chaperone services, bereavement counseling, and repatriation. With these additional support and benefits, your staff can have confidence that their life insurance coverage is there to give them peace of mind, no matter where they are located globally.

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