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Safe Meridian - Revolutionary health and medical insurance provider with great flexibility


Safe Meridian is a revolutionary health provider that allows customers to design their own insurance plan according to their needs and budget. Safe Meridian’s international health insurance offers sustainable premiums and flexible solutions that can be customized for each family member, leading to significant premium reductions. Established in 2015 by experienced professionals with a track record of designing and managing health insurance plans, Safe Meridian is committed to providing quality coverage at affordable prices. Their policies are supported by top insurers in the Asia Pacific and financially backed by global reinsurers with strong ratings from S&P or similar agencies. In addition to offering excellent insurance options, Safe Meridian also prioritizes sustainability and convenience, with electronic claims and an online portal for policy management. Safe Meridian is dedicated to ethical business practices and making a positive impact on the world.

Safe Meridian Globalis – a plan with the greatest flexibility you will find

At Safe Meridian, they believe that everyone should have access to quality healthcare, regardless of where they live or travel. That’s why Safe Meridian offer Globalis, an international health insurance policy that provides flexible and affordable coverage for individuals, families, and employers. With Globalis, you can access top-quality medical care around the world, no matter of your origins or naiotnality – At Safe Meridian they welcome everyone who prefers to consult doctors and use medical facilities outside of your own country. The Safe meridian policies include emergency assistance services from nib Assist, a trusted health insurance group from Australia and New Zealand. Get peace of mind and financial protection with Globalis from Safe Meridian and their network of leading insurers.

Design a solution that meets your needs & budget

Step 1: Select a Plan:
Globalis offers 4 plans, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, each offering a different level of coverage and a different level of premium. You’re free to select a different plan for each family member.

Worldwide 24/7 evacuation and repatriation
Outpatient GP & Specialists
Preventive and basic dental
Complex and major dental

Step 2: Select your Options (or keep it standard!)
After you’ve chosen a Plan, Globalis offers you 8 different ways to reduce your premium. You can select different options for different family members. When calculating premium, discounts will be applied in order (1 to 8) and separately (meaning obtain a new premium after each discount and then apply the next discount to that).

Option 1: Select your Overall Annual Plan Limit. This is the total sum for which you’re insured with a Globalis plan each policy year. Choose a lower limit in return for a premium discount.

Option Discount
USD 3 million Standard
USD 1.5 million 1%
USD 500,000 4%

Option 2: Select your Geographic Area of Cover which describes the region of the world where Globalis covers you for elective treatments.

Medical costs vary significantly between countries, so if you don’t plan to travel to certain countries for elective treatments, consider reducing your Area of Cover for a premium discount. Regardless of your choice,

Globalis will always cover you for emergency treatments worldwide during trips of up to 30 consecutive days.

Option Discount
Worldwide excluding USA Standard
Southeast Asia including Singapore, Australia & New Zealand5%
Southeast Asia excluding Singapore, Australia & New Zealand25%

Option 3: High Cost Providers Access? A few healthcare providers are far more expensive than others, despite offering the same level of care. If you’re happy not to use them, Safe Meridian are happy to provide you a discount!

Safe Meridian only have a handful of Providers in their High-Cost Provider List, so this is an option worth looking at.

Option Discount
Full Access to High-Cost Providers Standard
Access with a 15% coinsurance7.5%
No Access20%

Only available to residents of Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Macau, and China, or those insured with Dhivehi Insurance

Option 4: Deductible anyone? A Deductible is the fixed amount of hospitalization-related benefits you agree to forgo in a policy year in return for a discounted premium. If you’re convinced you won’t need hospital treatment, consider taking a Deductible in return for an attractive discount.

 Option Discount (Bronze) Discount (Others)
 No Deductible Standard Standard
 USD 1,000 20% 10%
 USD 2,500 40% 20%
 USD 5,000 55% N/A
 USD 10,000 70% N/A

Deductible Options for the Bronze Plan are different to other Plans.

Option 5: Hospital Room Type. You’re entitled to a standard single room in a hospital with Globalis, but if you’d like to drop that to a semi-private room (a “2-bedder”), Safe Meridian can provide you a discount

Option Discount
Up to Overall Annual Plan Limit Standard
USD 15,0002.5%
USD 75005%

Not available with the Bronze Plan

Option 6: Outpatient Annual Limit. This refers to the maximum benefit payable to you for Outpatient treatments each policy year. If you’d like to reduce the entitlement, Safe Meridian can provide you a discount.

Option Discount
Up to Overall Annual Plan Limit Standard
USD 15,0002.5%
USD 75005%

Not available with the Bronze Plan

Option 7: Outpatient Direct Billing Services. These are available at select healthcare providers around the world. Safe Meridian are happy to provide you a discount if you don’t mind paying first. Just send us the claim later.

 Option Discount
 OP Direct Billing Standard
 No OP Direct Billing5%

Not available with the Bronze Plan

Option 8: Coinsurance. This is the percentage of each eligible Outpatient, Wellness, Dental, and Vision claim for which you’ll be responsible. Globalis provides full cover as standard, but you can change this for a discount.

 Option Discount 
 No Coinsurance Standard
 10% Coinsurance 5%
 20% Coinsurance 10%

Not available with the Bronze Plan

Better benefits, better premium

At Safe Meridian, they understand that healthcare can be expensive, which is why they offer solutions that meet your needs without breaking the bank. Safe Meridian’s insurance policies come with a range of discounts, including no claim discounts and discounts for families with three or more members. You can also choose different plans and options for each family member, allowing you to tailor your coverage to your specific needs. Additionally, Safe Meridian offer child-only policies and flexible payment options, allowing you to pay monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. Get quality coverage at an affordable price with Safe Meridian. Safe Meridian policies offer better benefits at better premiums. Write us here at BrokerFish today to find out more!

Safe Meridian Globalis for groups

If you’re in charge of a group or association and looking for a health insurance plan, Safe Meridian offers a range of group solutions that come with their commitment to sustainable premiums. Safe Meridian can tailor arrangements to fit most requirements, including full cover employee benefit schemes, plans with different options for different employee categories to reduce premiums, and voluntary enrollment plans for associations.

Safe Meridian also offer top-up plans and simplified underwriting for groups of 10 or more. If you’re running an association or union and want to offer added value to members, they have tailored benefit solutions, voluntary enrollment plans, and self-pay options with standard benefits and top-up options available.
For companies that prefer to self-fund employee health benefits, Safe Meridian can provide benefit administration, cashless provider networks, medical checkups, insurance options, and management of mixed self-funded and insured solutions. Safe Meridian also offer excess of loss/stop loss solutions to cap your exposure. Self-funding medical benefits can save you money in the long run, but it’s important to have a well-managed plan to avoid cost overruns and dissatisfied employees.

Contact us here at BrokerFish to learn how we can help you set up your group/affinity or association scheme with Safe Meridian.

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