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Wr Life – Participative International Medical Insurance

Why Choose WrLife

WrLife operates on a participative community philosophy where members are co-owners with real shares. This inclusive approach ensures that everyone has a say in the direction of the organization. Unlike customers, external investors, and brokers, members are not liable in case of a necessary capital increase. Decisions about pricing adjustments, product modifications, and new service offerings are made collectively. WrLife is committed to ethical and humanistic actions, reflecting these values in every decision. Employees, as experts, also hold shares, reinforcing their commitment and involvement in the company’s mission.

24-Hour Emergency Platform: AIS, Third Party Payment to Hospitals

Assist International Services (AIS), established in Bangkok in 2003, provides medical and technical assistance to travelers and locals throughout Indochina and globally. AIS operates 24/7, 365 days a year, managing 3,000 cases annually, totaling 40,000 cases to date. With a robust medical call center, AIS facilitates patient care and emergency services, ensuring comprehensive support worldwide.

Enrolment and Claims

WrLife offers enrolment and renewal at any age, regardless of health status. They provide advanced payments for claims to any hospital in the world, supported by an attentive back office and a 24-hour emergency platform. Their commitment includes no drastic price increases, with a maximum of 3% renewal increase and no increase if there are no claims. WrLife approaches pre-existing conditions with maturity and fairness, ensuring a supportive claims process.

Payments and Financial Services

WrLife accepts payments in EURO, USD, THB, or GBP via transfer or credit card (including Amex) annually, semi-annually, quarterly, or monthly without additional fees. They use Stripe for secure and efficient payment processing and TransferWise for international money transfers, providing flexible and transparent financial services.

WrLife’s Philosophy

WrLife stands against the unethical practices common in the insurance industry, such as excessive price increases and lack of transparency. They offer their community free access to all figures, accounting, and loss ratios, ensuring visibility and accountability. WrLife avoids extravagant expenses, focusing on ethical solvency and behavior. Their staff, including employees with disabilities, have shares, promoting a sense of ownership and responsibility.

Ethical Practices and Innovations

WrLife invests their reserves in ethical assets with trusted partners. They hold one insurance license and one broker license, with plans to expand. Their ethical approach extends to employee shares and support for disabled employees. WrLife also explores micro-insurance schemes for specific risks, such as providing coverage for expatriates’ families in case of emergencies.

Addressing Market Challenges

The expat insurance market suffers from strong opacity, with comparison websites focusing on price over quality. Traditional retail brokerage offers limited products, and insurance distribution networks lack comprehensive market understanding. WrLife addresses these issues by offering a unique B2B and B2C positioning, a powerful modeling tool for insurance covers, and a focus on quality and applicability of benefits.

Medical Cover for Expatriates

WrLife offers three areas of coverage:

  • Area 1: Switzerland, Israel, Japan, Hong Kong, plus Area 2 countries (excluding USA).
  • Area 2: Europe (excluding Switzerland), Australia, New Zealand, American continent (excluding USA and Canada), China, Singapore, Taiwan plus Area 3 countries.
  • Area 3: Africa, Asia (excluding China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, and Taiwan), Middle East (excluding Israel), and all other countries.

Their plans include adjustable global limits, deductibles, and options for assistance, evacuation, and repatriation.

Wr Life - affordable care
Apply up to age 100 and enjoy affordable medical insurance


Browse the different plans offered by Wr Life here. You can select hospitalization/inpatient and cancer care only. You can also add  outpatient and other benefits.

The Wr Life Policy Terms describes your full terms and & policy conditions. You should read this document in conjunction with your policy certificate. 

Read the full section of Wr Life’s exclusions here