Health Insurance


International private health or health insurance is an insurance policy which helps protect you financially from the sudden and unexpected high costs of health treatment abroad. These policies are available to individuals or families and may be purchased by submitting an application form after you have found a suitable policy for your needs. People around the world choose to purchase global health insurance protection for themselves or their families for many reasons. They may want to maintain a policy independent of their employer, which can change over time, they may want access to healthcare overseas, they may be self-employer or have a small business, they may an international student or retiring abroad to name a few.


Understanding the value in taking international health insurance protection is an important step.

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1. International Health Insurance protects your finances.

A policy shields you from health expenses resulting from serious injury or illness which can be financially devastating. Having a good health insurance policy can literally save you from bankruptcy.

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2. International Health insurance protects your health

A policy helps protect your health by providing essential health treatment when you need it without delay. Those without a policy could find themselves unable to be admitted to a hospital for urgent treatment until a sufficient pre-payment is settled, which can prevent someone or delay those seeking life-threatening attention.

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3. Peace of mind

A policy provides peace of mind, knowing that your family’s healthcare needs will be covered should they fall unwell or have an accident or injury.
Maintaining a health insurance policy often also encourages people to adopt a healthier lifestyle and have health checks more frequently.

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4. Access world-class private health treatment globally

A policy provides access to quality health providers globally without restriction. Insurers may also include access to panel networks off health providers with discounted treatment costs compared to paying yourself.