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Pacific Cross Travel Insurance

Pacific Cross offers a range of travel & Health insurance plans designed to meet the needs of frequent travelers, business executives, and adventure enthusiasts. With one Annual Travel Plan and three single-trip plans (A, B, and C), they provide flexible, comprehensive coverage to ensure peace of mind during your travels.

Annual Travel Plan

Comprehensive Coverage

The Annual Travel Plan is tailored for frequent travelers and business executives. It offers unlimited overseas trip coverage of up to 90 days per trip throughout the year, ensuring you’re always protected, no matter how often you travel.

Personal Accident Benefit

With coverage of up to US$250,000 for adults aged 18 to 65, the plan safeguards against accidental death or permanent disability. This benefit covers various scenarios, including loss of limbs or sight, providing financial security during unforeseen circumstances.

Flexible Medical and Emergency Assistance

Stay protected with comprehensive medical coverage for illnesses or accidental injuries during your travels. From hospitalization fees to emergency evacuation, receive the necessary medical care worldwide. Additional features include baggage and personal effects coverage, protecting valuable electronics like laptops and tablets.

Review the two plan options here and compare the plans side by side.

Single Trip Plans

Bon Voyage Plan A

Maximum Coverage Benefits

Bon Voyage Plan A offers the highest coverage benefits, including up to US$100,000 for medical expenses for trips lasting 5 to 180 days. This plan is perfect for those seeking extensive protection during their travels.

Comprehensive Protection

Enjoy full coverage for winter sports and adventurous activities like trekking, scuba diving, and rafting, with no extra cost. The plan also includes baggage and personal effects protection, covering laptops and tablets.

Added Security

This plan ensures full-service benefits, such as emergency evacuation, repatriation, follow-up care, travel delay coverage, and trip cancellation protection. Select this plan for the highest level of coverage and peace of mind.

Bon Voyage Plan B

Balanced Coverage and Affordability

Bon Voyage Plan B strikes the right balance between coverage and affordability. It offers medical expense coverage up to US$75,000 for trips lasting 5 to 180 days, with comprehensive protection for various travel needs.

Extensive Benefits

This plan includes coverage for accidental death or permanent disability, medical expenses, repatriation, and hospital expenses. Additional benefits cover baggage and personal effects, ensuring all your needs are met during your travels.

Flexible and Reliable

Bon Voyage Plan B provides coverage for adventurous activities and essential travel protections, such as travel delay, baggage loss, and emergency assistance, making it a versatile choice for any traveler.

Bon Voyage Plan C

Affordable Peace of Mind

Bon Voyage Plan C offers essential travel coverage at a lower cost. It includes medical expense coverage up to US$50,000 for trips lasting 5 to 180 days, ensuring you are protected without breaking the bank.

Essential Coverage

This plan covers emergency evacuation, repatriation, follow-up care, and hospital expense guarantees. It also includes baggage and personal effects protection, covering valuable items like laptops and tablets.

Flexibility and Convenience

Bon Voyage Plan C is designed for those who need flexible travel insurance without sacrificing essential protections. Enjoy additional benefits such as travel delay coverage, trip cancellation protection, and coverage for adventurous activities.

Customized Premiums and Extended Benefits

Each plan offers individual or family coverage options, tailored to fit specific travel needs. With a range of premium plans available, you can select the level of coverage that best suits your budget and preferences. Compare the plans side by side here. Enjoy flexibility in coverage duration, from short-term trips to extended stays up to 180 days.


Pacific Cross Travel Insurance Plans provide comprehensive, flexible, and reliable coverage for all types of travelers. Whether you need annual coverage for frequent trips or single-trip protection for your next adventure, Pacific Cross has a plan to meet your needs. Explore their range of travel insurance options and travel with confidence, knowing you are protected every step of the way.

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