Product Description

Please note that special eligibility requirements apply to this product: Applicants must be either a usa flag U.S. citizen or any national working for an employer that has their headquarters in the U.S.

BrokerFish is an appointed representative of GeoBlue, a Blue branded expat plan offered in cooperation with local Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies, which collectively covers over 100 Million people. GeoBlue is designed to support the international lifestyles for extended periods, providing competitive insurance protection and technology powered assistance to expatriates globally, including an elite community of thousands of carefully selected, contracted doctors and hospitals in almost every country in the world.

GeoBlue Xplorer is U.S. Admitted coverage with each GeoBlue policy is U.S. licensed and offers the most complete set of benefits and services in the industry, creating a complete, reliable, convenient way to keep international expats healthy and productive.