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Why Buy a Group International Health Insurance Policy for your Expatriate Employees at BrokerFish?

Group international health insurance is an insurance policy that helps cover the cost for expatriate employees who seek medical care often at international medical providers where there are based. Group international health insurance helps employers transfer financial risk from their employees and the company to a specialist international health insurance company instead. This provides their employees and their families the financial stability they need when working overseas, due to the sudden and unexpected high costs of hospitalization due to an accident or illness. Group international health insurance can help both attract and retain quality talented employees who value this benefit as an essential part of their package. Employers of expatriates can easily boost their talent acquisition and retainment rate by providing comprehensive international health insurance coverage.

At BrokerFish, we use our innovative approach to help international employers compare the best international health insurance plans. They guide you to choose the right health plan to cover your expatiate employees in a single policy.

Benefits of Group International Health Insurance for SME’s

Most companies see their employees which their future success is built upon. Group international health insurance is also considered a central pillar which an employee benefit package is therefore built around to both attract and retain top talent over the long-term. The provision of quality health insurance protection for expatriates and their families has so many benefits any HR manager will see the importance of this topic. Contact BrokerFish today to initiate a conversation regarding your company and this topic and we will help guide you over the key points to help you choose a suitable policy for your international employees.

Features of Group Employee Health Insurance Plans

Due to the wide choice of group international health insurance companies and plans available it is more important than ever to seek qualified expert advice from a company like BrokerFish. Important features of a group health insurance plan include:

  • Coverage for the employee and their spouse and children
  • Coverage for pre-existing health conditions including maternity care
  • Cashless hospitalization at network hospitals
  • Cover for non-medical costs including ambulance or evacuation cost
  • Cover for annual health checks, dental or IVF treatment

Want a Healthy & Productive Expatriate Workforce?

It is established that expatriate employees value group international health insurance coverage. At BrokerFish we help you compare a wide choice of international health insurance plans suitable to your company needs. It is important to choose a policy suited to both the employers budget needs, but also the needs to the employees, which can vary by nationality. Our process can help the whole process simple and convenient.