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Planning to go on an exciting holiday? Many travellers skip on getting travel insurance for themselves thinking they won’t need it but in fact having a good travel insurance policy can protect you financially and healthly for when things do not go as planned. We hear about travellers losing their luggage in transit all the time and having travel insurance allows you to carry on with your holiday when situations such as this happens.

Generally, travel insurance covers: Trip cancellation, accidental death or serious injury, and health coverage.

Going into detail of the more common coverages such as trip cancellation, this allows you cancel your trip because of sickness, death and other valid reasons that are stated in the policy. Your flight tickets will be reimbursed for you to reschedule your trip for another date.

Common scenarios which will allow you to utilise the trip cancellation coverage:

  • Unable to get time off work or retrenchment
  • Natural disasters force your flight to be cancelled or damages the place you were headed to
  • Your travel supplier goes bankrupt
  • You, your family member, or the person you’re travelling with experiences an injury, death, or sickness
  • An act of terrorism occurs at the place you were headed to
  • You are required to be present for jury duty
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Trip interruption coverage

The trip interruption coverage is quite similar to the trip cancellation coverage. The only difference is that it covers you during the trip. For the same reasons mentioned above where you will need to make your way back home during your holiday, the insurance plan will cover you for the rest of the trip that you were not able to enjoy and also other bills that come along for your trip back home.

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Health expense coverage

One of the more important coverages that many travellers seem to skip out on is the health expense coverage. Many travellers assume that the health insurance that they currently have will cover them when they go abroad. Most health insurance plans do not cover you when you leave the country.

If you or a family member travelling with you got into an accident, the health expense coverage covers the expenses incurred while acquiring treatment during the trip. The health expense coverage will also allow you access to good quality health care. This is especially important when the quality of the country’s public healthcare is not as high as what you are used to back home.

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Coverage for baggage delay, baggage, and travel delay are not the most crucial things to be covered for but they would most certainly make things more convenient during your trip.

Baggage delay coverage – As a somewhat common occurrence, the baggage delay coverage aids you with additional cash for the essentials like a change of clothes or toiletry kit.

Baggage coverage – Losing your bags can really put a dent in your travel plans especially if there were things in the bags that you needed for your trip. The baggage coverage will reimburse you in the event that this happens.

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